His mother was Swedish, and his father was Welsh. Jenkins received his initial musical instruction from his father, who was the local schoolteacher, chapel organist and choirmaster. He attended Gowerton Grammar School. Jenkins also won the miscellaneous musical instrument section as he did the following year.

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Adiemus 2. Pie Jesu 3. Hymn Before Action 4. Cantus - Song of Tears 5. Palladio 6. Akruzam 7. Lacrimosa 8. Cantilena 9. In Paradisum The Exile Song Agnus Dei Dies Irae Allegrettango Benedictus Beyond The Century Rondo 2. The Protector 3.

Allegrettango 4. Dona Nobis Pacem Part I 5. Schwanda The Bagpiper 8. Exit Schwanda 9. Bendigedig Berceuse Pour Un Enfant Solitaire Aria Mysterious Are Your Ways Mi Contra Fa. Diabolus In Musica Vocalise Cantus Inaequalis 3.

Kayama Radio Edit 4. In Caelum Fero Radio Edit 5. Hymn 6. Cantilena 7. Cantus - Song of the Trinity Edit 8. Cantus - Song of the Plains Edit 9. Elegia Chorale I Za Ma Ba Cantus - Song of Tears Rain Dance Edit Corrente Courante Zarabanda Saraband La La La Koora Lndler Beyond The Century 2.

Immrama 3. Adiemus Full Version 4. Cantilena 5. Kayama Radio Edit 7. Chorale I Za Ma Ba 9. Cantus - Song Of Tears Edit La La La Kooran Lndler The Eternal Knot The Wooing Of tan King Of The Sacred Grove Children Of Dannu In Caelum Fero 3. Kayama 4. Cantus Insolitus 5. C Chullain 6. Wooing Of Etain 7. Hymn 9. Dagda Dawn Dancing C Chullain 2. The Eternal Knot 3. Palace of the Crystal Bridge 4.

The Wooing of tan 5. King of the Sacred Grove 6. Slam O "Dewi Sant" 8. The Dagda Children of Dannu Hermit of the Sea Rock Isle of the Mystic Lake Cantus - Song Of The Plains 9. Chorale Za ma ba Adiemus New Version The Journey includes edited versions of three previously released tracks 3, 4, 7 , two tracks from special and US editions of Cantata Mundi 9, 13 one track from the Japanese Special Edition of Dances of Time 18 and an all new, previously unreleased, version of "Adiemus" Corrente Courante 2.

Un Bolero Azul Blue Bolero 3. La La La Koora Lndler 4. Dawn Dancing 5. Kaya Kakooya Rumba 6. Minuet 8. Rain Dance 9. African Tango Hymn To The Dance Dos A Dos Square Dance Elegia 3. Hymn 4. Track 14, "Tango", is a bonus track an edit of "African Tango"only available on some editions. Cantus - Song of Tears 2. Chorale I Za Ma Ba 3. Cantus - Song of the Spirit 4. Cantus - Song of the Trinity 6. Chorale III Vocalise 7. Cantus - Song of the Odyssey 8.

Cantus - Song of the Plains Chorale V Arama Ivi Cantus - Song of Invocation Cantilena Elegia Karl Jenkins writes of the last two tracks: Elegia and Cantilena are two short pieces which started as musical sketches prior to my composing Cantata Mundi.



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Adiemus (song)

Adiemus 2. Pie Jesu 3. Hymn Before Action 4. Cantus - Song of Tears 5. Palladio 6.



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Karl Jenkins


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