Trusted to protect critical data and equipment from power problems by supplying clean and reliable network-grade power. Rack mounted Smart-UPS are ideal for powering Blade or density optimized servers in a distributed power protection environment as the primary or redundant protection. Additional manageability options are available through the Smart-Slot interface, which is an internal slot for the installation of optional accessory cards. The extended run Smart-UPS XL has the capability to add external battery packs to scale runtime from minutes to hours typically needed for converged voice and data networks. The entry level Smart-UPS SC is an economical choice for small and medium businesses looking to protect small switches, networking devices and point-of-sale POS equipment.

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This device produces clean and reliable network-grade power that you can trust. With extremely high efficiency, this Smart-UPS provides results at low, medium, and high load levels. The many features, functions, and technology specifications that are available with the APC VA UPS makes it the ideal device for use with multi-core or virtualized servers that have varying load consumption needs. This rack-mounted unit does work with perfection for delivering the power needed for Blade or density optimized servers that require a distributed power protection environment as the primary or redundant protection.

Enjoy the many additional power management options that are delivered through the SmartSlot interface. This is a patent-pending technology created by the American Power Conversion company. You have the ability to save considerable amounts of money on the efficient operation that the Green Mode technology has to offer. This works by bypassing any unused electrical components that are considered to be in good power condition and recycle the power to other electronics equipment within the power group.

This meter provides an actual account of kilowatt hours of usage for powering up your electronics devices. The Pure Sine Wave Output technology simulates actual utility power. The Pure Sine Wave technology ensures the highest degree of compatibility for all active power factor corrected servers and any sensitive electronics you depend on for your business.

You will be able to see predictive battery replacement dates, visual alerts that are recorded, and a readout of energy consumed for powering all of your equipment. The nominal output voltage for these ports is V with less than 5 percent at full load.

A USB port gives you the opportunity to connect with your computer or other devices. With replaceable batteries and a dependable battery backup pack in place, you never have to fear power outages or downtime for maintenance services. It is important to ensure that all installation and replacement instructions are followed when replacing a battery.

Stay informed with visual and audio low-battery alerts for added convenience. Monitor your UPS system remotely with the use of a compatible management card inserted into the SmartSlot. This system can be monitored with a computer via the internet, Telnet, or other type of networking system you utilize. Product Identifiers.


APC Smart-UPS 1500VA LCD RM 2U 120V


BS 50173 PDF




APC UPS: 700W 120V SMT1000RM2U


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