Any unauthorized use is prohibited. Version Pre-Spec. General Specifications Pin Assignment Operation Specifications Absolute Maximum Rating

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General Specifications Pin Assignment Operation Specifications Absolute Maximum Rating Typical Operation Conditions Current Consumption Backlight Driving Conditions Power Sequence Timing Characteristics AC Electrical Characteristics Data Input Format Optical Specifications Reliability Test Items General Precautions Static Electricity Mechanical Drawing Package Drawing Item Specification 1 LCD size 7.

Note 1: Refer to Mechanical Drawing. The recommended model is FH12AS Pin No. Normally pull high. Active low to enter reset state. Suggest to connect with an RC reset circuit for stability. Note 7: Dithering function enabl e contr ol, nor mall y pull hi gh. Operation Specifications 3. Should a module be used with any of the absolute maximum ratings exceeded, the characteristics of the module may not be recovered, or in an extreme case, the module may be permanently destroyed.

DVDD 3. Power Sequence a. Power on: b. Timing Characteristics 3. I Fiqure 3. The test systems refer to Note 2. The optical characteristics should be measured in dark room. After 30 minutes operation, the optical properties are measured at the center point of the LCD screen. Note 6: All input terminals LCD panel must be ground while measuring the center area of the panel.

Every measuring point is placed at the center of each measuring area. Bmin: The measured minimum luminance of all measurement position. Note 1: Ta is the ambient temperature of samples. Note 3: In the standard condition, there shall be no practical problem that may affect the display function. Note 4: Before cosmetic and function test, the product must have enough recovery time, at least 2 hours at room temperature.

Safety Liquid crystal is poisonous. Do not put it in your mouth. If liquid crystal touches your skin or clothes, wash it off immediately by using soap and water. Handling 1. The LCD panel is plate glass. Do not subject the panel to mechanical shock or to excessive force on its surface. The polarizer attached to the display is easily damaged.

Please handle it carefully to avoid scratch or other damages. To avoid contamination on the display surface, do not touch the module surface with bare hands. Keep a space so that the LCD panels do not touch other components.

Put cover board such as acrylic board on the surface of LCD panel to protect panel from damages. Transparent electrodes may be disconnected if you use the LCD panel under environmental conditions where the condensation of dew occurs. Do not leave module in direct sunlight to avoid malfunction of the ICs. Static Electricity 1. Be sure to ground module before turning on power or operating module. Do not apply voltage which exceeds the absolute maximum rating value.

Storage 1. Do not store the module in surroundings containing organic solvent or corrosive gas. Store the module in an anti-electrostatic container or bag. Cleaning 1. Do not wipe the polarizer with dry cloth. It might cause scratch. Only use a soft sloth with IPA to wipe the polarizer, other chemicals might permanent damage to the polarizer.

Jdle be lc. CKED 2hf eng. CD CD Packaging Material Table No. Any unauthorized use is prohibited. Fix with crepe paper tope 3.


7-inch TFT LCD (TN), 800x480, 400cd/m², 262K/16.7M, TTL/TTL, -30 to +85°C



AT070TN94 7.0inch Innolux LCD Panel hd industrial lcd monitor




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