It is ideal for the daily chores, small and not-so-small, which occur in the kitchen. Page 3: Safety Regulations For Bamix Only switch on the appliance when the mixer is in the receptacle. Please check the contents of the packing. Page 5: Special Accessories Special accessories with lid, 1,0 litre with measuring scale, shock- and heat-resistant, suitable for micro-wave.

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Bamix Mono - page 2. Dient zum Auf- schlagen von Suppen und Saucen. Alles, was schaumig und luftig sein soll. Bei bestimmungswidrigem Gebrauc Reinigen Sie danach das Ger Bamix Mono - page 10 10 Aufbewahrung Wandhalter Wandmontage Stativ zum Stellen oder Wandmontage Der bamix sollte immer griffbereit am Arbeitsplatz am besten zwischen Herd und Abwaschbecken montiert sein.

Permet de battre des potages et des sauces. Verificare il contenuto della confezione. Bamix Mono - page 24 Accessori speciali 24 Lama per carne Taglia, trita, macina la carne sia cruda che cotta e le verdure particolarmente fibrose. Contenitore multifunzione con coperchio, contenuto 0,4 l, ideale per piccole dosi. Brocca 1,0 l con misurino scala graduata , antiurto, resistente al calore e alle microonde. Sbattitore Sbatte, monta ed emulsiona albume e panna. Serve anche per amalgamare minestre e salse.

Lama multiuso Sminuzza, macina, omogeneizza verd Bamix Mono - page 26 26 Livelli Livello I per tutti gli alimenti leggeri, soffici e per piccole dosi. Livello II per alimenti densi, duri e dosi maggiori. Questo apparecchio deve essere utilizzato solo per la prepa- razione di cibi.

Altri utilizzi possono avere conseguenze peri- colose. Il produttore non risponde in caso di utilizzo inadeguato. Come passare al setaccio Bamix Mono - page 28 28 Conservazione Supporto parete montaggio alla parete Supporto per posizionamento o montaggio alla parete Il bamix dovrebbe sempre essere montato e tenuto a portata di mano possibilmente tra fornello e lavandino. Il macinino modello De Luxe Macina noci, mand Please check the contents of the packing.

Bamix Mono - page 33 Special accessories 33 Meat-mincer cuts, chops and minces meat raw or cooked , as well as vegetables with coarse fibres. All-purpose beaker with lid, contents 0. Jug 1,0 litre with measuring scale, shock- and heat-resistant, suitable for micro-wave. For all mixtures with a thick or creamy consistency. Beater Beats, aerates, blends egg-white and cream.

Is used to whip up soups and sauces. For everything which should be light and fluffy. Bamix Mono - page 35 35 Switch positions Step I for all light, airy dishes and small amounts. Step II for all viscous, firm ingredients and large amounts. This appliance is only to be used for the preparation of food. Any other application of the unit can be dangerous and can lead to personal injuries.

When the appliance is operated incorrectly, the liability and the g For this use an acid-free oil e. Hold the bamix upside down with the cutter guard facing you, put 2 or 3 drops of oil on the drive shaft, and switch on the appliance for 2 to 3 minutes. Afterwards rinse the appliance in hot water. Bamix Mono - page 37 37 Storage Wall-bracket for fixing on wall Stand either for standing or fixing on wall The bamix should always be placed ready to hand where you work preferably between the stove and the sink.

The more handily bamix is placed, the more often it gets used. The grinder De Luxe model Grinds, grates and chops finely nuts, including almonds, her Bamix Mono - page


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