Loads of love to you. Thank you for the friendship. It was rare indeed for Abdul to persist when Rakhal had made his feelings clear on a subject, for Rakhal was not a man who changed his mind often—nor did he take orders from an aide—even his most senior one. But in this case Abdul was relaying orders that came directly from the King, which forced him to be bold. He will not hear otherwise.

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Even though it also set up the next story in this series, if she plans to keep writing her heros like the one in this story, Banishev going to pass. Overall book rating Overall book rating Rating. One thing Carol Marinelli always does is kick you in the gut with feelings and this is no marinwlli After Natasha is kidnapped by the Sheik of Made-upistan, she has to learn to deal with too world of wacky cu I think that this book should get either one star for stupidity or five stars for its completely surprising wackiness.

Sometimes books with the dumbest titles are the best books you will read. I appreciate that we all are different and somebody else may thoroughly enjoy this, but it is not one I would be prepared to recommend! I really enjoyed this book. A Bride for Kolovsky.

The idea that a Sheikh can only make love to his wife 2 days of haerm fertile period a month and that they only ever Hhmm, I think this one has to be ranked pretty high in the list of the worst Harlequins I have read this year! As heir to the kingdom of Ishla, he was required by duty to return home, but even the heat of the desert was unable to burn away memories of their scorching kiss….

Empire of the Sands 1. I really kept thinking of Stockholm Syndrome reading this. What it meant when music was playing, what he or she would get This book is terribly good. The Notorious Gabriel Diaz. Banished to the Harem Empire of the Sands Book 1. The Trouble with Lucy. Return of the Untamed Billionaire.

The Tarnished Jewel of Jazaar. After Natasha is kidnapped by the Sheik of Made-upistan, she has to learn to deal with a world of wacky cultural quirks, which include only making love to her husband two days a month the book is careful to specify that this does not mean two times and is then expected to go months and years at a time without seeing him.

His Mistress with Two Secrets. Would recomend this book and interested to read the next one which was brought into the story. Claiming His Christmas Consequence. Playboy Sheikh Rakhal Banisehd has time for one more fling in London before he must return to his desert kingdom — and Natasha Winters has caught his eye… He seizes the chance to discover if Natasha is as fiery in bed as the defiant spark in her mesmerising eyes, but their recklessness has consequences… Natasha might be carrying the Alzirz heir!

Banished to the Harem bamished A somewhat hard book to get in to perhaps because it is difficult to fully understand the Arab way of life. We aim to ship your parcel within one working day of purchase, and it will usually be delivered within 10 days. November 1, Imprint: Then it asked what Carol did for relaxation and she put down the truth — writing. TOP Related.





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