Examples of use of the Emitter: Due to the actual sanitary situation connected to the virus Covid , all BioGeometry seminars are cancelled. The participants who have already paid the fees will get a full refund in the next few days. New Products Are Now Available!!! Ibrahim Karim PhD, D.

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Biogeometry What is Biogeometry? Some ideas in Biogeometry Make everywhere the center; connect everything to the center Physics of quality Non-polarized universal balancing energy of BG3. Biosignatures I am the environment I am not just part of the environment All the above points may not make any sense to you, until you hear Dr Robert Gilbert explained it in his succinct, beautiful way.

For example, an L66 shape can be used to neutralize the effects of EMR in the environment. I was in Geneva attending the Foundation training. At that time, my knee cannot bend probably due to a healing response I was going through. That day, i received my purchase of the BS Biosignature pendant , and I did the usual thing of testing my tools. Lo and Behold, the moment I put in on, i can feel the change.

Energy into shape creates function. It moves the energy by resonance. It is about making everything connecting to the center.

Make the center be everywhere so that polarity is no longer relevant. It is beyond time and space and hence dosage is never a concern. I was able to balance my home space after attending the foundation and advance course. It was mind blowing. This is not fengshui. This is about correcting the energy flow in your envrironment so that there is smooth flow and hence your immune system stays strong and is not disturbed by the EM field generated by power cables, electrical appliance, underground gridlines etc.

Biogeometry is huge. I am very blessed by this body of knowledge. With Doreya Karim, my instructor in Foundational Biogeometry. Inspiring man. Share this:.


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