Bloodlines begins the day after Legacy of the Force: Betrayal ends. The days count from the beginning of Betrayal, roughly days into 40 ABY. This prompts Fett to find the Kaminoan scientist Taun We and her data to help cure him. This action is meant to discourage local Corellians from escalating the growing conflict between the Alliance and Corellia.

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Jun 04, Q. To view it, click here. The potentially interesting premise ripped off from the prequels it may be of a morally gray civil war with our heroes having to make tough choices, is badly bungled here. The initial setup is the Galactic Alliance versus Corellia with no clear good guy. The problem here becomes is that this book paints them both as assholes. Speaking of which, Jacen still sucks as a character. He goes from killing a friend without hesitation in the last book to herding people into interment camps and torturing characters during interrogation in this one.

I want to transcend the fourth wall and slap his family members for not catching onto the fact he is obviously a bad guy now. The one saving grace of this book is Boba Fett and his subplot.

His characterization and interactions with other characters is spot on. Plot: Bloodlines is the second book in the Legacy of the Force series and is just as invigorating as the first. The book opens up on Boba Fett as he is collecting a bounty when a curious question pops up: Why do you still do this, Fett?

That question is probably on everyones mind. Boba Fett doesnt need to do this anymore because through the years he has become the wealthiest man in the galaxy. He could retire and enjoy his life, so why does he continue? That gets Fett wondering what he should do Plot: Bloodlines is the second book in the Legacy of the Force series and is just as invigorating as the first. That gets Fett wondering what he should do now as he is dying, and only has about one standard year to live.

He also needs to find a way to cheat death, and in order to do this he goes off after a Kaminoan doctor, Taun We, to seek medical treatment and information. Boba travels to a medical facility and confronts the doctor. When asked, the doctor cannot help Boba, so Boba steals information as payment. She is the one who practically raised Boba. Boba does find out about another clone who is supposedly still alive even though the clone is supposed to be years old because of rapid aging.

Boba decides to go in search of this mystery man when everything is settled. On the other side of the galaxy you have Jacen Solo who is the leader of the Galactic Alliance Guard. Many people are mad and Jacen and disgusted with what he is doing, but most people absolutely love it.

Jacen is apprenticing under Lumiya, dark lady of the Sith, to become a Sith Master. Jacen is becoming like his grandfather, Anakin Skywalker a. Darth Vader. Jacen is doing more horrible things to the Corellian population every day. One day Jacen went after some terrorists. One of the terrorists was a bounty hunter. Unknowingly, Jacen killed her. Before that Boba was hired to defend Corellia, but he had other plans.

Together the two killed Thracken along with Mirta Gev. After the killing, Han tells Boba about his daughter. When Mirta hears that she tries to kill Boba. Han talks Mirta down, and Mirta and Boba decide to stick together because they are the only family they have left. Characterization: Throughout this book the character of Boba Fett gets revealed. In the beginning, Boba is a cold, heartless killer who cares only about himself. When Boba realized that he was dying everything started changing.

Suddenly he wanted to have someone who he could pass his legacy onto. Then Boba met Mirta Gev. Unbeknownst to Boba that she was his granddaughter, Boba had an immediate liking for her because she reminded him a bit of himself. I wonder why that was. Boba started thinking about more than himself. He started sharing his feelings. All of these things are things he has never done before. It just goes to show how life changing events really do change your life. Audience: This novel would be recommended to people who have a high school reading level and have a love for Star Wars.

People who also love sci fi books would enjoy this book because it describes many science fiction ideas such as space travel, aliens, and advanced technology. This book is for both genders as Star Wars is not restricted by gender. However, if you do not like death, war, or conflict, do not read this book.

Overall this is a well written book for everyone to enjoy. Personal Response: I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I thoroughly enjoy reading about the Star Wars universe and this book is not a disappointment. I especially enjoyed reading about my favorite Star Wars character of all time: Boba Fett. It was exciting getting to know the man and what his personal life was like. This book offered everything you would want in a Star Wars novel and I would recommend it to any Star Wars fan.


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