Information concerning waste disposal Before installing the dryer Electrical connection Integrated socket Condensate hose connection. Installation - step by step Built under Installation

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Page Temporary Disconnection Of The Dryer Drying tips In principle, the following applies to Temporary Laundry all drying programs: disconnection To ensure a uniform drying Identification result, sort the laundry of the dryer of fabrics according to fabric type and drying program. Observe the treatment symbols on Operate your dryer only when you Fasten zippers, hooks and the textile labels. Page Program Selection Special programs Options Program selection For optimum drying results your dryer offers several program groups and additional options.

Select the required drying program from the program table according The programs Wools Finish and Low heat to the examples see page Page Operation The estimated remaining time will be indicated. Using the dryer 8. If an automatic program has been selected, the indicator lights 4. Open the door. Close filter and re insert.

Close the door. Never use solvents or highly flammable liquids for cleaning. Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Before calling the customer service, 1. Turn off the circuit breaker. Page Statement Of Limited Product Warranty Bosch would still pay for labor and parts and ship the parts to the nearest authorized service provider, but you would still be fully liable and responsible for any travel time or other special charges by the service company, assuming Page 24 Out of Warranty Product: Bosch is under no obligation, at law or otherwise, to provide you with any concessions, including repairs, pro-rates, or Product replacement, once this warranty has expired.

Page Warranty Exclusions Warranty Exclusions: The warranty coverage described herein excludes all defects or damage that are not the direct fault of Bosch, including without limitation, one or more of the following: 1 use of the Product in anything other than its normal, customary and intended manner including without limitation, any form of commercial use, use or storage of an indoor product outdoors, use of the Product in conjunction with air or water-going vessels ; For laundry, Bed linen and table linen, towels which is to be ironed Damp dry Bed linen and table linen, towels, T shirts, sports shirts, overalls Check the lint filter.

The filter should be cleaned before and after every drying process. Keep flammable materials and Choose an option


Bosch Serie 4 Axxis - White WTE86300US WTE86300US WTE86300US/07 - Use Manual



Bosch WTE86300US Manuals


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