Vudozshura Mercante, inspired by the work of A. In addition to this, some psychoanalysts from APA were starting to work outside the institution, in different experiences such as group psychotherapy at hospitals. Talak and A. In Inventing our Selves. Ingenieros considered that Psychology could be practical knowledge, providing scientific legitimation to Criminology and a new approach: Psychology, Power, and Personhood pp. The reformists of were interested in university extension, that is to say, using scientific knowledge for the development of a country that, as they understood, was in transition towards modern forms of economy, democracy and human relationships.

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In contrast, relatively little attention has been paid to the circulation and the uneven reception of her ideas in other regions—although some works have studied what happened in countries such as Switzerland Quinodoz , France Grosskurth ; Roudinesco, , and Argentina Etchegoyen and Zysman ; Dagfal b. The 12 letters written by Melanie Klein that are reproduced in this issue are a resource that can be very helpful to expanding the historiography of her reception in both the French-speaking world and in South America.

These historical processes were interconnected: the striking reception of Klein in Argentina boosted her expansion not only in Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, and Mexico, but also, in turn, in France Dagfal b, in press.

The developments which occurred in Buenos Aires in the mids constitute a unique case, as most of the founding members of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association APA —and some of their spouses— very rapidly became Kleinian. Significantly, some of these analysts were the first to publish texts from a Kleinian orientation in the French language e. However, Klein herself would still wait until a year before her death to see the translation of her first book The Psycho-Analysis of Children in print.

Notwithstanding this, the latter facilitated the former. To my knowledge, none of these letters have been published in their original form, even though some have been previously quoted or translated. The letters were generally dictated by Klein and typewritten by her secretary, and then manually corrected by Klein before sending them by air mail.

Only in a few special cases were her letters entirely handwritten, but that did not happen with any of the 12 that are featured. On the one hand, she was at the height of her celebrity, attending all the IPA international congresses as a main speaker, along with Anna Freud Amsterdam, , London, , Geneva, , Paris, , Copenhagen, Her communications at these events were carefully prepared and generally published in the IJP. These papers were frequently referenced, as well as the books she wrote during those years —Envy and Gratitude , Narrative of a Child Analysis — and the collections in which she participated —Developments in Psychoanalysis , New Directions in Psychoanalysis On the other hand, as active as she was, Klein was growing old and, as she describes in her unfinished Autobiography and theorizes in some of her posthumously published papers, feeling lonely Klein b, Her concerns about her health are present in most letters.

There is a visible contrast between her intellectual strength and her physical exhaustion, which she tended to attribute to overwork. Doi:





Genealogías argentinas



Entre París y Buenos Aires : la invención del psicólogo (1942-1966)



Psicología y Psicoanálisis, Entrevista a Alejandro Dagfal


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