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Shakakinos According to the market study by AVL, modern exhaust aftertreatment systems need s ulph ur f re e diesel f ue l to ens ur e effective and durable performance. Diesel-el ectr ic locomotives 86 You helped to increase the quality of our service. Hi gh outp ut diesel en gines: Whereas it seems appropriate to provide for the availability of two t yp es o f diesel a nd p et rol fuel, one of which would be a h ig her-q ual ity diesel and on e of wh ich would be a higher quality petrol; whereas it is appropriate for this higher qu alit y diesel o r pe tr ol to r ep lace diesel or p et rol of lower quality on the market by ; whereas, however, appropriate provision should be made for such replacement to be delayed when application of the date of in a Member State would cause severe difficulties for its industries in making the necessary changes in its manufacturing facilities eur-lex.

Trac ti on u nits m ean locomotives, el ec tric mul tip le u nits a nd diesel mu lt iple uni ts. It does not match my search. HATZ Hatz 3L41C New diesel engines Rolling stock e quipped with only class B systems shall be considered acceptable for use on interoperable lines equipped with class B interfaces when it fulfils the requirements of the control-command subsystem described in this TSI. Most frequent English dictionary requests: Even thou gh petr ol and diesel com bus tion en gines will become less dominant cyzeliniai the perspective, every means available must be used to reduce their negative environmental impact.

Diesel sh unti ng engine 9 eur-lex. Dyzeliniai varikliai — varikljai Examples include products other than parts included in CPA 1 divisions 29 and 30, such as motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, ships, railwa y and t ram way locomotives and ro lling s tock, aircraft and spacecraft, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

Dies el locomotives an d O TMs with diesel trac ti on eur-lex. Please click on the reason for your vote: This is not a good example for the translation above. Diesel-ele ct ric locomotives 2. I wonder, would the Commission consider only funding, from a safety and interoperable point of view, rail systems that are oper at ed electrically, a nd phase out over a period of time die se l-gu zzl ing locomotives — I know i n my own country all the rail systems are operated thus — and set a target date to have safe, interconnected and environmentally friendly rail systems across the entire European Union?

For example, until such time that the convention al TSI on locomotives ha s ent er ed in to forc e, locomotives fa ll wi th in scope of non-TSI conform vehicles, even though they might comply with other relevant TSIs in force at the time of their placing in service. N on-m agne ti c diesel e ng ines hav in g all of the following eur-lex.

The flexibility scheme applies to construction and forestry machinery using compress io n ign iti on diesel en gin es, g en erator sets and pumps using constant speed eng in es b ut n ot to locomotives, ra il cars and i nland waterway vessels with diesel engines. Dyzelinis m a ne vr in i s lokomotyvas 9 eur-lex.

It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. Dyzeliniai — e l ek tri ni a i lokomotyvai 8 6 The wrong words are highlighted. In accordance with Article cyzeliniai 1by no later than 1 Janu ary 20 05 diesel fu el wit h a ma ximum sulphur content of 10 mg must be marketed and be available on an appropriately balanced geographical basis within the territory of a Member State. Nauji automobiliai Traukos vienetai — t a i lokomotyvaie le ktriniai b e i dyzeliniai t r au kos vienetai.

The system allows the radio communication by open channel between stationary traffic order operatorsm ob ile shu nti ng locomotives a nd por table shunting crew objects. Diesel mul tip le-un it s et [p owe r car o r t raile r] 6 eur-lex. Thank you very much for your vote! Related Posts.


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