Selectable heating or cooling function - Selection of operation with hysteresis - Adjustable temperature offset - Set value low limit and set value high limit boundaries - Operation selection of compressor operates continuously, stops or operates periodically in case of sensor defect - Compressor protection delays - Adjustable internal buzzer according to sensor defect status. It is your responsibility to ensure that qualified mechanical and electrical technicians install this product. If there is danger of serious accident resulting from a failure or defect in this unit, power off the system and separate the electrical connection of the device from the system. The unit is normally supplied without a power supply switch or a fuse. Use power switch and fuse as required. Be sure to use the rated power supply voltage to protect the unit against damage and to prevent failure.

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Forbidden Conditions: Corrosive atmosphere Explosive atmosphere Home applications The unit is only for industrial applications 1. Page 3 1. This warranty is provided for a period of two years. The warranty period starts from the delivery date. This warranty is in force if duty and responsibilities which are determined in warranty document and instruction manual performs by the customer completely.

Page 5 2. Page 6 - 1. Note-1 : External fuse is recommended. Page 7 5. Page 8 6. Buzzer stays active during this time. It can be adjusted from 1 to 99 minutes When this parameter is 1, if decrement button is pressed, is observed. Page 11 Action of control output is described with figures above.

Sensor connection is wrong or there is no sensor connection. If buzzer function selection parameter is 1, internal buzzer starts to operate. Page 12 6. If mode accessing programming mode entering password is 0, Press OK button for Page 13 7. Panel cut-out is 71x29mm. Weight : Approximately 0. Environmental Ratings : Standard, indoor at an altitude of less than meters with none condensing humidity. User may form appropriate device configuration from information and codes that at the table and convert it to the ordering codes.

Firstly, supply voltage then other specifications must be determined. Please fill the order code blanks according to your needs. Page 19 Anweisungshandbuch angegeben ist. Der Garantiezeitraum beginnt mit dem Lieferdatum. Page 21 2. Page 22 - 1. Hinweis 1: Es wird eine externe Sicherung empfohlen. Page 23 5. Page 24 6. Page 27 6. Page 28 6. Page 29 7. Gewicht : Ca 0.

Page 35 1. Cette garantie est valide pendant deux ans. Page 37 2.


EMKO ESM-3710-N Instruction Manual


IDT 7130 PDF

Temperatuur Regelaar ESM-3710-N, 230V, PTC met AirProbe I, Relai


BTB16 - 800B PDF



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