Shelves: children-s-literature , british , cat , dog , dogs , enid-blyton , five-find-outers , mystery , series Findouters Challenge: Book 1. Among Enid Blytons mystery series, the Five Findouters have always been my favourite though I read and loved the others too , one reason being the very imaginative solutions to so many of their cases. This time around Ive decided to read all 15 of the books chronologically for the first time. The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage is the first of the series and opens with siblings Laurence Larry and Margaret Daisy Daykin waking up to the smell of a fire. They and their Findouters Challenge: Book 1. Towards the end they also make the acquaintance of Inspector Jenks who turns into a good friend to the children, as the series progresses.

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Born in London, she began writing while still in school. Her first attempts at writing were rejected by publishers which just made her more determined to succeed. She trained as a teacher and in her spare time continued to write. Her first book, a collection of poems, was published in Her first series of books, "Old Thatch", began in and eventually encompassed 28 books.

In all, she wrote over books which sold over million copies. While critics called her writing unimaginative and lacking literary merit, this did not stop her adoring fans from scooping her books off the shelf. Even after her death, her endearing stories continue to draw the rapt attention of children everywhere.

Unfortunately, many of the illustrators are not yet in the public domain here in Canada. Each edition of her books frequently brought a different set of illustrations by a different illustrator. When possible, we include the illustrations from any edition where the artist is in the public domain.

We have a few of her early nature books which we have chosen not to publish, as the art is integral to the book. However, most of her stories appear to be quite standalone without the art, and we bring them to you un-illustrated.

If you want to help, please visit us on our companion site, pgdpcanada. He was born in Amsterdam but his family moved to England when he was an infant.

His father having died and his mother was committed to an institution, he was moved to an orphanage where he grew up. He demonstrated talent early in his life when he won a drawing competition for a picture of a clown at age Bear Alley Books Available Formats.


The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage

Unlike many future volumes this story starts with the major crime incident that the story is about, the firing of Mr. Larry Daykin spots the fire to the west of the village from his bedroom window as he is preparing to go to bed. As his parents are out, he and his sister Daisy are free to get dressed and go and investigate. En route down their lane they pass another house from which they are joined by their contemporary Pip Hilton and his sister Bets who is four years younger. As the Hilton parents are quite strict about letting their children out we must assume they too are out for the evening. Arriving with several other villagers at the fire scene they discover that as the nearest fire engine is in the next village the fire has taken an unassailable hold on the cottage.



The children arrive to watch the cottage burning, but Mr Goon tells them to clear orf! Mr Hick is angry when he finds the children snooping about his house again! As the Find-Outers mull things over by the river, Inspector Jenks overhears them. The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage Review by Keith Robinson January 1, This book kicks off the series and introduces the main characters along with a bunch of others. The story starts with Larry and Daisy Daykin spotting a flare up out the window at about half past nine one evening. Parents never get in the way of the plot.

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