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The Major Magical Weapons Figure 4. Tracing the Pentagram Figure 8. The Thirty Aethyrs Table V. The Watchtowers. Watchtower Deities. Appendix C. Watchtower Signposts. Appendix D. The Great Crosses of the Watchtowers. The Thirty Aethyrs. The branch of Magick called Enochian was disclosed in modere times by Dr.

John Dee Dee was an authority on mathematics, navigation, astronomy, and optics. He was also the Astrologer Royal to Elizabeth 1. His magical Partner, Edward Talbott, who changed his name to Kelly, assisted him in the descriptions of the subtle regions known as the four Watchtowers and thirty Aethyrs.

These, together with their presiding deities, formed the kernel of the powerful magical system now known as Enochian Magick. Dee has been called "a pioneerin spiritualism,"because he kept meticulous records of all of his magical operations.

However, his primary approach was through the process known as "skrying. Dee scrupulously recorded all that Kelly told him. Often Angels from the Watchtowers or Aethyrs would assist them in their work. For example, one of their "guides" was a young elfin girl named Madimi who appeared over a period of seven years.

Here Enochian invocations for skrying in the Spirit-Vision a magical process sometimes called astral traveling formed a part of their magical work.

The Golden Dawn taught that Dee had merely rediscovered an ancient system known to the ill-fated Atlanteans thousands of years ago. The Enochian alphabet was said to have been a direct derivative of that which was used in Atlantis.

According to H. Blavatsky, "Enoch was a generic title, applied to, and borne by, scores of individuals, at all times and ages, and in every race and nation. Thus Enochian Magick was not created by a single individual but evolved gradually over time which is now lost in history. The Enochian alphabet and language may in fact be nearly as old as man, at least in this hemisphere. Certainly they bear striking similarities with the Necronomicon and with names used by Lovecraft and others, whose origins are now lost in our early history.

Crowley acting as Kelly a skryer , together with his associate, Victor Neuburg, who acted as Dee a scribe , traveled through the Sahara Desert visiting one Aethyr each day except the first two which Crowley had visited earlier when in Mexico. Crowley wrote of 2 these visions in The Vision and The Voice, a remarkable work, although somewhat obscure and difficult to read, owing to the poetic and highly symbolic language used.

Enochian Magic contains the theory of how and why the Magick works. This manual, An Advanced Guide to Enochian Magick w i th a fin a l k , e xplore s t he man y use s a n d applications of those basic principies. The magical system described here and in Enochian Magic borrows heavily from both the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley. The Golden Dawn is available from Llewellyn Publications.

In my opinion, Enochian Magick ranks as one of the most powerful branches of Western Magick and occultism. It rivals the Hebrew Qabalah in scope, and provides an alternative to the more familiar system of Qabalism. One of the goals of this book is to open the Enochian system ta the public and to make it as available as the Qabalah. Although steeped in Western Tradition, it has not until now, ever been fully revealed.

The Enochian magical system appeals to the brain as well as the heart. Those who desire SeIf-Initiation or those who seek meaning in their daily life will be attracted to its study. Enochian Magick, with its emphasis on individual study, may better serve those who prefer not to participate in the group ceremonies of more traditional Wicca or Occult organizations. Although similar in theory, Enochian Magick is probably best practiced alone and in secret.

All true religious, philosophical, occult, and magical systems lead the sincere aspirant to the same goal-a dearer understanding of the meaning of life. It is sometimes described as many paths, all leading up the same mountain toward the same invisible peak. Some paths slowly meander around the mountain. These paths require little effort, and offer great security and many resting places along the way. Others attack the mountain in a direct and aggressive ascent which is both steep and dangerous.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each path up the mountain slopes. Enochian Magick is a steep and precarious path. It is one that should not be undertaken lightly. It offers quick rewards but warns of fatal penalties for the unwary or unprepared. I have written this book to help clarify the highly complex system of Enochian Magick for those who wish to practice it If Enochian Magick becomes better understood and more safely practiced as a result of this book, then its purpose will have been achieved.

Crowley defined Magick as "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will. Magic is both a science and an art. Like music, only so much can be communicated in words. Its study demands practice. You will not become a magician simply by reading this or any other book You must put what you read hito practical application.

Enochian Magick is a very special category of Magick. After learning of the Watchtowers and Aethyrs, for example, you must then experience them. This sexual element is not considered in Enochian Magic. However, certain forces and atmospheres encountered in the Enochian system are decidedly sexual in nature. These forces constitute an essential difference between the more general Enochian Magic and the more specific Enochian Magick. To divide, and to unite. It is impossible to present a fully structured, progressive program of magical development that will be satisfactorily suitable for everyone.

Some readers will be more attracted to the Watchtowers, others to the Aethyrs. Some will advance rapidly and effortlessly in certain areas while others may require more time in those areas before begg ready to advance. For this reason, this manual has been especially designed to present all of the basic theoretical material together with guidelines for practical exercises that would be required for the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced magician.

You, the reader and practicing magician, must familiarize yourself with all of the information contained in this manual and then select those sections that especially appeal to you to work on. The only exception to this rule is the Aethyrs which should always be approached in serial order from TEX, the lowest, to LIL, the highest.

It is suggested that you begin your practice of Enochian Magick by browsing through this manual to learn where areas are located and what subjects are covered. The manual itself is presented in five major parts: general magical theory and background, invocations, the Watchtowers, the formulas of Enochian Magick, and the Aethyrs. Detailed figures of the Watchtower Squares can be found in the Appendices. The methods of their construction are given in Enochian Magic which is considered prerequisite reading.

If you planto practice Enochian Magick, you will need to memorize the Pentagram Ritual and the Hexagram Ritual presented in this manual because these will be used in most of your operations.

You will also need to construct your own magical weapons, robe, and talismans, and begin a Magical Diary. The Test will be up to you. If you already have some experience then you should be able to begin at your own level and pace without difficulty. If you are a novice or beginner, then you should practice the exercises for beginners that are presented.

You should construct work sheets, as explained in Enochian Magic, for each exercise or operation that you perform. The work sheets contain all of the data that you will need for any particular exercise or operation and they thus assure that no data will be lost or ignored.

Proper use of work sheets and your Diary will help guide you in your future exercises and operations. For example, poor results from an exercise or operation will demonstrate what will not work for you. If you carefully record the data, you will know what not to do the next time. You will find that good resulta are not necessarily repeatable. Everyone has good days and bad days; times when Magick can be performed easily and times when it will not work at all.

With practice you will learn your own cycle and what preparations and rituals work best for you. A sample work sheet is provided in this manual. Thirteen important Enochian rituals are presented at the end of this manual. Study them carefully. Memorize the words and prepare the necessary weapons and instrumenta yourself. They do not have to be elaborate or expensive.

The Ritual of TEX is designed for use by beginners. The Ritual of the Priestess of the Silver Star invokes the feminine current and simulates a journey to the 19th Aethyr. The Dragon Ritual is designed for the advanced magician who desires to assume the responsibilities of the Magical Dragon. The imagery used in these seven rituals is designed to simulate as closely as possible actual journeys to these Aethyrs.

The other six rituals include magical operations for invisibility, evocations, precipitations, power, health and longevity, and the mastery of death. These rituals are specifically designed for the advanced magician. Aleister Crowley, Liber O Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced magician, you are encouraged to experiment.


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Moogushura Refresh and try again. The book is rather advanced. I highly reccomend this book to all Users of Enochian Magick. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Jon Ingram marked it as to-read Sep 02, The Schuelers have co-authored many articles on anthropology, computers, dogs, philosophy, science, magick, maglck other subjects.


Enochian physics : the structure of the magical universe



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