A jurist issuing fatwas is called a mufti. The person who asks for a fatwa is known as mustafti. On a number of occasions, the Quranic text instructs the Islamic prophet Muhammad how to respond to questions from his followers regarding religious and social practices. Several of these verses begin with the phrase "When they ask you concerning In the hadith literature, this three-way relationship between God, Muhammad, and believers, is typically replaced by a two-way consultation, in which Muhammad replies directly to queries from his Companions sahaba. Since a mufti was not supposed to inquire into the situation beyond the information included in the query, queries regarding contentious matters were often carefully constructed to elicit the desired response.

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I am very happy with this purchase Honesty P. I am planning to buy the rest of the volumes in the future. Nice to have in your home and at hand whenever you need a question answered. A very important set to have on your bookshelf. While Islam permits business transactions during the Hajj season, there remain a number of important stipulations and conditions that both buyer and seller must keep in mind. Fatawa Islamiyah compiles all relevant rulings regarding business and rituals during Hajj in a lengthy but useful book.

It was a more expensive purchase for us and we had to save for it, but worth every cent! My husband and I refer to this series regularly for clarification on handling different issues in our lives, family, and interactions with the world.

Questions and answers are in sections so that you do not need to read an entire book or chapter to find what you are looking for. Books and chapters are organized by topic for ease of use and reference. We often take a volume with us for long road trips and take turns reading about a topic, it gives us new things to learn and discussion, too!

Also nice for evening reading or quiet individual study. I also wanted to add, that as with many Dar us Salaam publications, this series is quality binding with beautiful dust-jacket artwork, masha Allah. These books can inspire a lifetime of study and learning, insha Allah. You have already written a review about this product Customers who bought this product also purchased:.


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