The Feltron Annual Report for , due out on Aug. Felton, 37, has released the yearly compilation of data about his life. On 16 pages, information graphics, colorful charts and aggregated numbers tell the story of how Mr. Felton, a former Facebook employee, communicated over 12 months, what topics he discussed and with whom. The report has the visual elegance that helped Fast Company name him one of the 50 most influential designers in America in

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Each day, he consumes coffee around am and booze around pm. He spends about 4x as much time with his girlfriend as his mother. And on June 20, he shot a Glock How It Started The report originally started as a one-off side project. The year was ending, Felton was light on freelance and he began looking through his calendar. Building a report proved to be a cathartic way to tie up the year, and it got attention.

And for , it was time to add another level to the experiment—introducing a mobile app. This year, he partnered up with a friend, Drew Breunig, to code an iPhone app called Reporter that would simplify the life recording process. Every 90 minutes, the app buzzes Felton—automatically snagging his coordinates while asking him the same questions: Where are you?

Who are you with? What are you wearing? How productive were you today on a scale of ? And in the months of testing before he began using the app to track , Felton learned an important lesson about notifications. He only drank a single soda, which was a Ginger Ale. Previous reports skewed toward friends and family. As of today, we record and share many personal metrics through social media like Facebook. But these metrics are meticulously curated.

The latest Feltron Report, along with Reporter, make for a particularly fascinating counterpoint to the self-reported social media experience. Just prepare yourself to get extremely close to a person you barely know.

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2010 Annual Report

Felton and Aaron Swartz , Nicholas Felton is an infographic designer. His purpose is not only analytical but also aesthetic, playing between the realms of self-quantification , design and art. In the same vein he created in Daytum together with Ryan Case, an app destined to track personalized every-day data, which could be shared between friends. Even though it was very popular, it had some issues regarding design, so its reception was not completely positive. That is why their design focused on being flexible enough to allow for a wide variety of content. After the edition, he paused his Annual Reports, stating that: "The world of personal data has changed considerably since the project began in and this edition [ edition] attempts to capture its current state". Nonetheless Felton is confident that data extracted from these devices, if put into relation, can lead us to modify our habits to live a happier and healthier life.


The Felton Annual Report: A Year's Worth Of Communication In One Chart


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