Answered Apr 18, Originally Answered: How is fiitjee rsm? You are provided with in chapter problems, solved problems, subjective problems, MCQs and every other popular question formats. They divide the stuff in phases, and you are expected to keep up with each phase. So, there you have it. The material is ample, and well organised. It serves its purpose well.

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Regular Analysis Detailed assessment after each exam with peer comparison. However, as far as the theory is concerned, rrsm is a bit more than JEE level. Please login to buy the product s. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Basically, Physical Chemistry booklets have great theory and a good collection of problems. Programs for Students of Class IX. I will write on it too Like Like. Now, that is a massive number and it definitely raises some questions.

Please enter valid mobile number. Ask New Question Sign In. Select Program For Enrolling Please select your program. Physics is covered in an awesome way in RSM. So, on the overall, fiitnee question quality is pretty good. It serves its purpose well. I had brought resonance dlp already. Is it better than the material they give to classroom program students? Sir but i am planning to buy resonance dlp modules.

So asking this question, kindly reply. Now, Logon to www. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has the best price. It has all you need in order to clear JEE well, provided you take this material.

Is ranker study material is fully solved. Should i appear for allen aits or fiitjee aits if they crash as I am an allenite kota and has also opted for r. Trignometry in fiitjee package is very toughwhich book should I solve before it Like Like. Tmh or adg math? An OTP has been sent to your mobile: Is there any difference in them.

Chemistry is good, but there is a difference in the three portions of chemistry. Organic Chemistry is decent, the theory is good but the questions especially the objective exercises are repetitive.

So, if you ask me on the overall, it is worth it to buy RSM. They divide the stuff in phases, and you are expected to keep up with each phase. Important Information This is a one rem test without break. Most 10 Related.





FIITJEE Ranker's Study Materials (RSM)...!!


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