But what is that big pine tree on his head? Jan 13, Nate rated it it pollu ok Shelves: Beauty and the poetry of life are frehch into it. The author appears to have a thorough understanding of the differences in culture, behavior, and attitudes of the French and Americans. Jun 14, Alice Rachel rated it did not like it.

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Start your review of French or Foe? At the same time, reading it nearly a year into living in France allowed me to assess the info through the lens of my own experience.

The bad stuff: besides being nearly 20 years old, the book is horribly Paris-centric and obviously aimed at an audience of white anglo Overall, this is a good resource and I wish I had read this sooner. The bad stuff: besides being nearly 20 years old, the book is horribly Paris-centric and obviously aimed at an audience of white anglo upper-management unilingual types.

Also, she twice tied her dog outside of a shop and forgot about him. The good stuff: the book is a quick and fun read. I found myself laughing a lot and there is so much that is true. At the end of the book, Platt sums up the main difficulties for foreigners living in France, which I can confirm are still present.

The book is full of explanations and suggestions and funny-sad anecdotes. Contains a lot of information on the history of France and how it relates to their culture and behavior. I liked specially the first half of the book, but I dragged during the second half.

So I could have lived without the description of the dinner party behavior and the very long chapters about how the enterprises operate. I also think Is a very interesting insight to French Life and behavior. I also think that a lot of the analysis is a bit outdated.

Overall I think it could be very useful to anyone from another culture looking to come to France to live. Just beware that not everything is as the books puts it. Some things seem different, some for better and some for worst. To give her due credit, the first chapter is full of useful information and essentially contains all that you will need to know from this book.

Much of what Ms. Platt reveals about French culture seems to be outdated and of little relevance to the middle and lower-class French people that a visitor will no doubt actually be coming into contact with.

Indeed, the author leaves the reader feeling that they would not be allowed at Ms. When I visited Paris I certainly found some of her information useful, such as her recommendation to use "The Ten Magic Words" again, in the first chapter , and whether many of the French we came across were smiling and accommodating for this reason, I cannot say. Most of the things in there are just common logic I wish people stopped writing prejudiced books about my native country.


Polly Platt :About French or Foe

Nimuro The third edition tells what happened to various French heroes such as Jean-Paul Belmondo and Yves Saint Laurent and describes events like the reburial of Alexandre Dumas in the Pantheon, the French hall of fame. When our other traveling companion and I found ourselves separated from Amy, or dear guide and translator, our first night in Paris, we used the knowledge gained from th Before we left for Paris, my friend, Amy, gave me this book to read. The attention given by men to women at the office can surprise an Anglo-Saxon. I felt a little more prepared.


French or Foe


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