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The boy is all right again. How people, how any parents can be so thoughtless is what passes my comprehension. Loading him with two heavy pieces of fustian to carry six good miles!

It simply means that I shall have to make a rule that no goods brought by children will be taken over. I sincerely trust that such things will not occur again.

Who gets all the blame for it? Why, of course the manufacturer. If some poor little fellow sticks in the snow in winter and goes to sleep, a special correspondent arrives post-haste, and in two days we have a blood-curdling story served up in all the papers. Is any blame laid on the father, the parents, that send such a child? Not a bit of it. How should they be to blame? He lives on the fat of the land, and pays the poor weavers starvation wages. In the flow of his eloquence the writer forgets to mention that such a man has his cares too and his sleepless nights; that he runs risks of which the workman never dreams; that he is often driven distracted by all the calculations he has to make, and all the different things he has to take into account; that he has to struggle for his very life against competition; and that no day passes without some annoyance or some loss.

No, No! You all saw how that fellow, that scoundrel Becker, behaved. Is that true? Am I so very unmerciful? It gives them courage and strength to attack the rotten structure, to drive the thieves out of the temple,and to even attack the soldiers.

The women, too participated and become an avenging force. Old Hilse,a victim of religious brainwashing, who attempts to stem the tide with his blind belief was swept over as every obstacle, every hindrance, once labor awakens to the consciousness of its solidaric power.

Not one of the four could I keep in life! The devil a bit you cared! What harm has a baby like that done that it must come to such a miserable end -- eh?


The Weavers

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Gerhart Hauptmann

Learn how and when to remove this template message Hauptmann at the age of seventeen. Hauptmann married Marie Theienemann in Radebeul on 5 May In , they moved to Charlottenburg in Berlin. Hauptmann at his atelier in Rome. During this period he began to write. His first work was a "novelistic study" Signalman Thiel in


In der Nachbarschaft war der junge Hauptmann als fabulierfreudig bekannt. Ab besuchte er die Dorfschule, ab dem Nach anderthalb Jahren musste er die Lehre abbrechen. Er war der Arbeit physisch nicht gewachsen und hatte sich ein Lungenleiden zugezogen, das ihn in den folgenden zwanzig Jahren mehrmals in Lebensgefahr brachte.

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