The preface to the book mentions that Chatelet did not live to see this work in print. This book is gorgeous, costs a bomb and has to be requested from the bloody British Library. But, thank the lord, I found this. The intro talks about reconciling technique with humanism via results eg. Gesture is seen as cutting out, he talks in a very exciting and baffling way about a new physico-mathematics.

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Notes 1. See, for example, Hughes We are using the term agency in relatively simple ways to refer to the power to act in the material world. Given the complexity of agency, all definitions will prove to be inadequate, and we advise the reader to consult the work of Bennett, Coole, and Latour in the reference list in order to flesh out the concept.

We use the term ontology to refer to philosophical questions pertaining to being and existence. We use the term signification as Deleuze does, to refer to the conditions of truth of a proposition. Although there is not space here to explore these terms, signification is entwined with designation or denotation reference and manifestation that which produces the proposition , but none of these, according to Deleuze, can adequately explain the actual sense or non-sense of a proposition.

Bartolini-Bussi and Boni point to a similar phenomenon in their analysis of children interacting with compasses and with abaci. The rhyzome metaphor has become an insightful way of conceptualizing complex interaction in the social sciences, including recent literature in education Gough, ; MacLure, ; Ringrose, ; Semetsky, ; Webb, A rhizome has no center or primary root, but grows and disperses itself through multiple entry and exit points.

Unlike developments in phenomenology that follow the early Merleau-Ponty, for whom embodiment was tied to human bodies, Roth argues that new trajectories in material phenomenology, in particular that found in the work of Michel Henry, adequately treat the body as a distributed or network subjectivity. The gesture is assumed, as an intermediary from body to diagram.

Though coming from a very different philosophical point of view, Netz is also at pains to point to the more-than-psychological role of the diagram in Ancient Greek mathematics. In his more recent work , he tentatively suggests that those diagrams were performed by Ancient Greek mathematicians, thereby breathing mobility into long-assumed static, immanent icons. Another interesting experiment would be to have students diagram without first oral contributions, since speech and listening introduce new modalities.

We will read this diagram as consisting of four rows and two columns, for ease of discussion. References Bartolini-Bussi, M. Instruments for semiotic mediation in primary school classrooms. For the Learning of Mathematics, 23 2 , 12—


Diagram, gesture, agency: theorizing embodiment in the mathematics classroom

He became a gay activist due to his time in California in , but went to the FHAR as a "way of finding again the ambiance of the United States. Denis formally Known as the Free University of Vincennes. He was the program director at the International College of Philosophy from to He is known to have designed a seminar titled "Love Science Philosophy. In a collection of his political writing titled Les Animaux malades Sick Animals of Consensus , [8] he rejected what he considered as a widespread human domestication process imposed by the New World Order. He called for a new philosophy to combat the disastrous effects of the decomposition of both the libertarian optimism and cynicism which in his opinion had become a pseudo-liberal sham. Citation[ edit ] Quotation from To Think and Live Like Pigs: "To promote a work without its own temporality, totally indentured to the social order—whether it comes from the whip and from hunger for indentured labour, or from the mutilated psychology of the cyberzombie for the overclass—a work that cannot be articulated with an intensification of individuation for the great mass of humanity; in short, to content oneself with proliferating particular cases of a species: is this all that we can now hope for from humanity?


Gilles Châtelet





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