The Yoga of Nutrition — Hrani Yoga Learning to live consciously The yoga of nutrition teaches us to eat in a more conscious, spiritually aware way. Most of us eat three meals a day. This gives us three opportunities a day to work on ourselves! By changing our attitude towards life and how we go about our daily tasks that we can gradually expand our consciousness and become aware of the inherent beauty in ourselves and all life around us.

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This volume includes passages from several different lectures all dealing with the same theme. Chapter 1. The meaning and spiritual dimension of nutrition.

Meditation before the meal — Silence at mealtimes; silence and the intense life — 2. Influence of singing on the food — 3. Singing, eating and meditating together — 4. Formula to recite before and after the meal — The love of God is everywhere; sacred attitude for capturing it and tasting plenitude. Chapter 3. The first mouthful — The importance of how we begin. Nutrition in all domains — Meat and vegetarian food — Killing of animals and the law of justice — 2.

Impurities in the physical and psychic domains — Purity: foundation of the teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood — 3. Should we avoid being 13 at a table? Chapter 5. Chapter 6. The importance of spiritual work; at least do this work at mealtimes.

Benefiting from mealtimes to learn self-mastery and to find calmness. Meals: magic and sacred ceremonies — 2. Paying attention to all that we do; knowing how to look — 3. Taking mealtimes as an opportunity to develop intelligence, love and willpower. Chapter 9. Chapter Food puts us in touch with the universe — 2. Nutrition is white magic — Plants and fruits are spirits which have come to incarnate into matter — Knowing how to work with matter and the spirit. Eat with gratitude; sacred attitude — 2.

Gratitude and noble thoughts enable us to seize the subtle elements contained in food — The good and evil you do to yourself, you do also to the whole of humanity — 3. Silence at mealtimes, formation of the subtle bodies and the body of glory — 4. Food and the angels of the 4 elements; building the subtle bodies and the body of glory — Purification, the angels of the 4 elements — Formula to the angels of the 4 elements. Feeding oneself through the skin — 2. Life is made up only of exchanges — nourishing oneself with light, with the particles of the sun — 3.

Knowing how to eat on all levels so as to have everlasting life — Physical food and spiritual food. Blessing the food — 2. Giving much love to the food so that it opens to us — 3. Exercise to do before eating fruit — Conquering inertia — White magic and black magic — Those who know how to eat will know how to love. Learning how to draw energies from food — Nutrition: identical process to atomic fission — Nutrition considered from an initiatic point of view — 2.

The spirit must participate in the act of eating — Healing: the omnipotence of the spirit — 3. Meaning of nutrition: evolving matter — Human beings are responsible for what they leave behind after death — The task of disciples: to spiritualize and sublimate all creation — Creation, creatures and the Creator all feed themselves — Leaving the seal of the spirit on matter — 4.

The physical body must become capable of expressing the qualities of the spirit — Depending on our attitude, food closes or opens to us. Understanding nutrition so as to resolve all problems, including the problem of sex — Psychic nutrition and building the etheric, astral and mental bodies — The laws of nutrition on the different levels — Seeking life in beings, as we seek it in food — How to tell whether someone is being spiritually nourished — 3.

Nutrition, like love, must lead to the light — 4. Inviting luminous entities to participate in all our meals — The laws of conception are found in nutrition.

The mystery of the Last Supper, communion — 2. Exercise to do when taking a bath — Exercise to do while preparing food — Definition and work of a true priest — One day everyone will be their own priest — True communion — How to know whether we have eaten correctly — By eating consciously we obtain powers over matter. Hrani Yoga Today, I will say a few words about nutrition. In the morning, at mid-day and in the evening, everyone is busy eating in order to stay healthy.

But at mealtimes you are in the habit of talking, gesticulating and even arguing with others, and so, in the end, you make yourself ill. Everyone knows the importance of food, they also know that eating is necessary for their survival, and they start wars and revolutions because of it. Only initiates, who have reflected for a long time on the highly important question of nutrition, know the right way to look at it, and, today, I will try to familiarize you with their point of view.

Supposing, due to particular circumstances, you have been deprived of food for several days and are so weak you can no longer walk or even move: you have fallen into a stupor and are fading away so quickly that you are close to death. Even if you are extremely well educated, a scholar, even if you possess magical powers, neither your knowledge nor your powers are of any value when compared with a piece of bread or fruit that 16 Hrani Yoga someone brings to revive you.

Just one mouthful has set so many factories and forces going that a whole lifetime would not be enough to list them all. And yet, it is this food and this food alone, to which you attach only instinctive importance, not conscious, intellectual importance, which can give you back your strength and health. Thanks to it you can again act, speak, feel and think.

You utter words, you give orders, you write books good or bad , you compose symphonies, you obtain everything — power, wealth, glory — and all this thanks to food Initiates gave a place to nutritional research in their work. They found that food prepared in the divine laboratories with incredible wisdom contains magical elements capable of preserving or restoring physical and psychic health and giving us the greatest revelations.

But we must know in what conditions and by what means we can extract these elements and that the most effective method is thought. No words can express the din, the cacophony and the frightful noise that people make nowadays when they eat together. After such a meal, we have to go and rest or even sleep, for we feel sleepy and heavy, and those who have to work do it without any desire or enthusiasm.

Whereas those who knew how to eat correctly are clear-headed and in a good mood. The Alchemical and Magical Meaning of Nutrition 17 If we eat mechanically, unconsciously, with quick, jerky movements, swallowing rather than chewing, harbouring chaotic thoughts and feelings in our minds and hearts, perhaps even arguing with someone, the entire functioning of our organism is disturbed: not one system will function properly anymore: not respiration, circulation and digestion, nor the secretions or the elimination of toxins.

Thousands of people make themselves ill in this way without knowing that their ills stem from the way they feed themselves. Look what happens in families. Before a meal no one has anything to say to anyone else, each person is in their corner reading, listening to the radio, or sewing, etc. But as soon as they sit down to eat, everyone has their tales to tell or even accounts to settle, and they talk and argue and squabble. Such an attitude is extremely dangerous to health and, if you are intelligent, you must avoid cultivating it.

Everything depends on how we read this letter. If we do not know how to read it, we will derive no benefit from it. They go within, link themselves to the Creator, say a short or long prayer, and in silence and peace they begin this process of the highest white magic: nutrition. They take the first mouthful, which they try to chew for as long as possible until it disappears in their mouth without their even having to swallow it. The frame of mind with which we take the first mouthful is extremely important.

So you must prepare yourself to do it in the best possible state, because this first mouthful releases all the inner processes. If you begin eating in a harmonious state, all the rest will follow harmoniously.

Not only because this helps digestion, of course, but also for another very important reason: the mouth, which is the first to receive the food, is the main laboratory, because it is the most spiritual. The mouth contains highly perfected apparatus, glands situated both on and under the tongue which are charged with the special work of capturing the etheric particles of the food. How could this happen so quickly?

Thanks to the mouth, your organism had already absorbed extraordinary energies. It had absorbed the etheric elements, which immediately fed the nervous system. Before the stomach receives the food, the nervous system is already nourished. We must divest the food of its divine energies, and only the mouth does this.

Initiates eat their meals in such a way that they draw from the food the nutritious elements that will make up the building materials not only for their physical organism but for their spiritual organism. Given that humans possess not only a physical body but other more subtle bodies the etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhic, and atmic bodies , they must know how to nourish these subtle bodies, which are often undernourished due to ignorance.

I have told you that we must chew food well, but chewing is for the physical body. For the etheric body we must add respiration. You know that air kindles flames: you breathe on The Alchemical and Magical Meaning of Nutrition 19 fire to bring it to life. Similarly, when you breathe while eating, this intensifies the combustion. Digestion is just combustion, just as breathing and thinking are.

Only, the degree of heat supplied and the purity of the matter differ from one process to another. So, when you eat, you must stop from time to time and breathe deeply so that this combustion allows the etheric body to draw subtler particles from the food. For example, a piece of fruit is made of solid, liquid, gaseous and etheric matter.

Everyone knows all about its solid and liquid matter. Far fewer care about its fragrance, which is already subtler and found in the realm of air. As for the etheric side, linked to the colours of the fruit and to its life, which again cannot be quantified but emanates from the fruit and spreads into the atmosphere, this is totally unknown and neglected.

This etheric side is however of the greatest importance in nutrition; and in silence, through our breath, we can make contact with it.

The Orientals are wiser: they put all the dishes on the table, and they leave their guests to eat calmly in silence. They do not talk, they do not plague them with questions on the pretext of politeness, kindness and benevolence, as we do in the West, and so, yes, they can nourish themselves properly. As for myself, if I happen to talk during a meal, even if it is a very friendly conversation, when I get up from the table, I feel an emptiness, a dissatisfaction, a sort of nervous tension… Something is missing, I have not eaten as I should.

I have noticed this so many times! When you have eaten in silence and peace, you then retain this state throughout the day.

Even if you have to rush here and


The Yoga of Nutrition – Hrani Yoga



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