Jurga Ivanauskaite. She died a year ago, in February 17, , aged 45, after a long battle against cancer. Jurga Ivanauskaite is a unique figure in contemporary literature in the Baltic states. In her final years, after a great deal of searching and wandering, she achieved a kind of peace with her home country that brought her life and work to an oddly natural conclusion.

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Netrukus kambaryje pasklido gaivi pavasario muzika. Juodas kalno siluetas. Laikas — tik tam, kad pasentum. Mes jo laukiame, o jis — neateina. Rodos, tapau absurdo spektaklio dalyviu. The lunatics are in my head!

Lunatikai yra mano galvoje! Ir viskas. Kartais tokie dalykai padeda. Man rodos, jis ten. Sako, tai padeda nuo isterijos. Ir tikrai, Irma nustojo raudoti. Visa kita paliksim milicijai. Bet po jos langu nieko nebuvo. Atidariau duris. Kaip visuomet. Man buvo gera su ja. Ji pasisuko ir apkabino mane. Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away!

Tai buvo Irma su visa mano manta. Aha — Arvydai, Arvydai, Arvydai Atsisukus dar pamojavo man. Ponas Godo! Bet dar niekada jokia kita muzika nebuvo Jos taip paveikusi! O gal — muzika? Tikrai, tikrai! Ne, ne! Ir, pasirodo, ne veltui! Muzikantai nutilo. O gal ji jau buvo mirusi? Pirmieji bus sodinami vaikai, paskui moterys ir seneliai. Tikriausiai kareiviai. Pirma vaikai, moterys, seneliai, paskiausiai vyrai. PUNK — a product of contemporary culture in USA is manifestation with all its noise it denotes hopelessness, frustration and nihilism!

It seems like the final loud gasp of an overwrought consumed society bent on its own gluttonous destruction! Ji nusikvatojo. Kitiems taip neatsitinka. Jo forma buvo tokia tobula! Klausykis Mocarto. Tai neblogai veikia neurastenikus. Tu teisus!


J.Ivanauskaitė: gydytojai vilčių nebesuteikia

They are united by the humanistic attitudes characteristic of mature personalities, a longing for wider spaces, and the fact that they spent important periods of their lives outside Lithuania and were able to look more deeply — from outside, as it were — at themselves and at the strong points of the culture of their native country as well as its problematic aspects. The way to the East of this artist, an intellectual who grew up in a family of intellectuals, and her search for a place in the world are full of many experiences, both outer and inner, that have given her work a special authenticity. It is a world of mysterious dreams, the Promised Land, a metaphor for true faith and authentic existence. I have always dreamt about this country the way a homeless person led through the desert dreams about the Promised Land and a medieval mystic — about the kingdom of Christ, which will appear after the Apocalypse. During my most difficult hours, I would remind myself that this is not yet the abyss of sadness, that the real chasm opens up when there is a sudden upsurge of implacable longing for a country I have never seen. During my happiest moments, I knew that this is not yet the summit of bliss, that is there — in the Himalayas, on the Roof of the World. These changes have become clear in all areas of her life and creative activity.


Jurga Ivanauskaite

Zurn She had already begun to explore Catholicism in greater depth as part of her ongoing spiritual quest, and she enjoyed long discussions with local religious figures such as Tolstoyan ascetic Father Stanislovas, Monsignor Vasiliauskas and Franciscan priest Julius Sasnauskas. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jurga Ivanauskaite is a unique figure in contemporary literature in the Baltic states. After her visits in the Far East, she became an active supporter of the Tibet liberation movement. The ruling stated that it could only be sold in shops selling erotic products and the author was being discussed on weekly crime programmes on Lithuanian state radio.




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