Way of the Warrior. This site is a part of Curse, Inc. NinjaKi counters. Champions of Kamigawa Cycles Champions of Kamigawa has 16 functional reprints:. Betrayers of Kamigawa was sold in card kzmigawafour preconstructed theme decks and a fat pack. Every rare creature in the set, plus several uncommons, are Legendary.

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Description[ edit edit source ] The world of Kamigawa, positioned far from any other world we know, is governed by the interplay between the mortals and the kami , minor gods or spirits of the world. The Kakuriyo or Reikai is the spirit world where the kami dwell; its other half is that of the Utsushiyo where mortals live.

Together they form a sphere that makes the whole of the world. The damage caused by the Time Rifts , weakened the veil between the material realm and the spirit realm. This enabled the daimyo Konda and his moonfolk accomplices to use powerful magic to pull an aspect of O-Kagachi , the supreme kami of all kami, through the veil, thus beginning the Kami War. Each area is guarded by a dragon spirit loyal to the material inhabitants of its location. Towabara — A massive plain , which name means "eternal field", at the center of Kamigawa.

Within the Towabara is the Araba , the "ruined land", a blasted place filled with craters from kami attacks. Eiganjo Castle is in the center of the Araba. It is the fortification of daimyo Takeshi Konda and his samurai. The humans ride gigantic trained moths into combat. Towabara is guarded by Yosei, the Morning Star. Minamo Academy — The Minamo Academy is a school that teaches powerful spirit and human magics. It is built upon the largest waterfall in Kamigawa, north of Eiganjo.

Minamo is led by the Soratami, who guide the headmaster and his faculty. They are often prayed to by staff of the school. Soratami are magic practicing moonfolk that live in the clouds above the academy. The school is besieged and ravaged by Hidetsugu , an ogre whose pupil was killed by a Minamo student.

Minamo Academy was guarded by Keiga, the Tide Star. Takenuma — Takenuma is a large area of swampland , west of Eiganjo. Here bandits and Nezumi rat-folk live. There are also a multitude of Oni demon spirits who live in the darkest regions, leaving the place corrupted and void of sunlight.

Here the most brutal battles are fought against the kami. Kokusho, the Evening Star watches over the vile swamps. Sokenzan Mountains — The Sokenzan mountain range is the largest in Kamigawa and it lies south of Eiganjo. Akki , cunning goblin creatures, live here, among bandits and renegade samurai called ronin. Godo , a famous warlord of the bandits, lives here. Hidetsugu , an O-Bakemono powerful shaman ogre summons Oni spirits here.

Deep in the Sokenzan mountain range lay the Tendo Peaks , the steepest mountains in Kamigawa. The Sokenzan is guarded by Ryusei, the Falling Star. Jukai Forest — A thick forest that harbors many varying kinds of kami. It lies east of Eiganjo. Here an order of monks train to tune themselves in with nature and the spirit world. Kitsune fox-folk , live in the Jukai along with the Orochi snake-folk , who tend to stay in the Western fringes. No one has ever discovered what lies to the east of the Jukai Forest, and all exploration attempts have failed.

Jukai Forest is watched over by Jugan, the Rising Star. Secondary locations[ edit edit source ] Oboro Palace — Oboro is a secret floating palace of the Soratami. It is kept secret from those who dwell on the grounds of Kamigawa. It is a loathed sight to all who view it. He walks through the dead and prevents lower souls from leaving Kamigawa.

Also known as the Eye of the World and the Shrine of Enlightenment.


Kamigawa Cycle

Main article: Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa The plane of Kamigawa is threatened as the spirits that are the essence of everything on it suddenly and inexplicably begin to wage war with its mortal inhabitants. Yet when Michiko meets Toshi Umezawa , a thief and black magic user, she realizes that to avert the complete destruction of Kamigawa, she may have to make some unthinkable alliances. To represent the war, the cards of the set are mostly divided into two groups: The physical beings with their regular magic, and the Kami spirits with their "arcane" magic. Tournament impact[ edit edit source ] Champions of Kamigawa, as well as the rest of Kamigawa block , was met with mostly negative reactions from players. The fact that all rare creatures were legendary was seen as cumbersome and annoying, particularly in mirror matches.



Let me tell you why I decided to pick up this book from the shelves at Kinokuniya Kuala Lumpur one afternoon a few years back. First, I was and probably will always be an MTG trading card games fan. I played it since I was in high school and I really enjoyed playing it. MTG has always been overly innovative and active contemporaneously by always breeding more and more card series with different themes every time for us to This is the very first MTG Magic The Gathering book series I read. MTG has always been overly innovative and active contemporaneously by always breeding more and more card series with different themes every time for us to play.

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