Only in this fineness can all surfaces from wood to glass be flush with each other and thereby freely combine. Tips for buying Lamps. Tips for LED Christmas lighting. Soma Living Furnishing tips for office lighting.

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Manufaktory of Furniture Kettnaker Manufacturing plant for furniture Hand-crafted quality, passion for precision. This is where we design and manufacture modular systems for all living areas.

They become truly unique pieces thanks to all the commitment, competence and time that such extraordinary unique specimens require. This is appreciated by friends of Kettnaker furniture all around the globe. Our work is based on clear shapes and a sophisticated design: Kettnaker furniture stands for timeless, minimalistic aesthetics and selfdetermined individual planning, allowing the individual to shape their own personal concept.

System and Poetry. One can literally create unique pieces of furniture. They act clearly and independently like sculptures in the room. Their shapes and colours generate a rhythm — a visual poetry. Your home reflects your identity. By knowing the associated special requirements of an accommodation unit, Kettnaker develops high-grade furniture programmes.

Our way. The number reflects our commitment to individual design. Virtually every piece of furniture that leaves our workshop really is a unique item. Your home reflects your identity, and your identity is unique. This is the guiding philosophy that has steered the development of our domestic furniture ranges since I took over the company in and which I am now managing in the 5th generation. Only this precision allows all surfaces, from wood to glass, to fit firmly together and be freely combinable.

The result seems so natural and simple that one wonders how it could be different. This simplicity is exactly what we try to achieve. To create furniture that lasts beyond trends and fashion. Furniture that realizes your entirely personal vision of living.


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