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Share via Pinterest Kanai A kanai is a zealot, someone who advocates extreme action in response to conflict. The root is the word kinui, which means jealousy, envy or passion. Hamekaneh ata li? Are you jealous on my account?

Moses asks Joshua, after being told that others are prophesying in the camp. The most famous kanai in the Torah was Pinchas, who slew a tribal chief and his Midianite partner. Gods response was to stop the plague that had been killing those who had been intimate with the Midianite women and worshipping idols.

God credited Pinchass zealousness with having turned back His anger, by displaying among them his passion for Me bekano et kinati , so that I did not have to wipe out the Israelite people in My passion Numbers They abided no compromise with the Romans and even destroyed stockpiles of food that would have seen the Jews of Jerusalem through a lengthy siege, ensuring that the Jews would have no choice but to fight the Romans Talmud Gittin 56a.

Theirzealotry failed and contributed to the suffering of the Jewish people. Kanaut is obviously problematic and the talmudic analysis of Pinchass act reveals an ambivalent attitude. However, every generation needs its zealots to resist attempts to deny the Jewish people their right to independence and self-defence.


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The earliest documentation of a "Chianti wine" dates back to the 13th century when viticulture was known to flourish in the "Chianti Mountains" around Florence. The merchants in the nearby townships of Castellina, Gaiole and Radda formed the Lega del Chianti League of Chianti to produce and promote the local wine. In , records note that the earliest incarnation of Chianti was as a white wine. Subsequent expansions in would eventually bring the Chianti zone to cover a very large area all over central Tuscany. Baron Bettino Ricasoli developed the first "modern" Chianti recipe that was Sangiovese based. By the 18th century, Chianti was widely recognised as a red wine, but the exact composition and grape varieties used to make Chianti at this point is unknown.


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Yusra Firdaus - Dokter Umum Sama seperti upaya menurunkan berat badan, menggemukkan badan juga bisa dibilang sama sulitnya bagi beberapa orang yang sudah terlalu kurus. Itu mungkin sebabnya banyak yang lebih memilih untuk menggunakan cara instan dengan mengonsumsi obat penggemuk badan, pil KIANPI. Tapi apakah menggemukkan badan dengan cara ini benar aman tanpa efek samping? Pil ini dikatakan mampu meningkatkan nafsu makan , mengoptimalkan kerja saluran pencernaan, memaksimalkan penyerapan nutrisi, dan meningkatkan sistem kekebalan tubuh secara keseluruhan. Produsen obat, Kweilin Drug Manufactory, mengklaim bahwa obat penggemuk badan ini dapat meningkatkan berat badan kilogram hanya dalam kurun waktu satu minggu tanpa penimbunan lemak yang berlebihan. Agar bisa mencapai hasil yang diinginkan, obat harus diminum dua kapsul sebelum tidur malam. Pil KIANPI ditujukan untuk konsumsi bagi orang-orang berusia di atas 15 tahun hingga 60 tahun, dan tidak direkomendasikan digunakan selama berkendara, juga selama masa kehamilan dan menyusui.

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