Further information: Subak and Taekkyon Wrestling, called ssireum , is the oldest form of ground fighting in Korea, while Subak was the upright martial art of foot soldiers. Weapons were an extension of those unarmed skills. Besides being used to train soldiers, both of these traditional martial arts were also popular among villagers during festivals for dance, mask, acrobatic, and sport fighting. These martial arts were also considered basic physical education.

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But having said that, somethings I will skim through while others I will attempt to go in detail. The reason for this article is I am not only a lover of Kuk Sool ,but also of the Truth.

Whatever that may be. I want to condence down many different articles that people have written as well as a few thoughts of my own into a single comprehensible thread that is easy to digest.

For some people I will have given too little and for others too much. But hopefully the layman or common man can follow easily what I have written. It is also worth mentioning that this reflects my own research and the research of others.

You may not agree with it, but that is ok. This article is not intended to irritate, but to educate. All is said and written in the spirit of brotherly love. So with this disclaimer out of the way lets get started. Kuk Sool or the arts that would comprise Kuk Sool are Officially said to go back as far as BC in ancient times when Korea was divided into many kingdoms.

As the story goes, Kuk Sool skills comprise of Tribal arts, Buddhist arts, and Royal Court arts collected throughout the history of ancient Korea to modern times. And if we are to examine the history of Kuk Sool we must first understand the history of the divided land that we call Korea.

Korea has never really been a unified nation currently divided into North Korea and South Korea. Or at least for very long. The land that we call Korea has in ancient times been 3 separate Kingdoms or more. The three well known kingdoms for those that are curious are: Goguryeo , Baekje and Silla.

And vice versa. Rant aside, it is most certain that ancient Korea had many martial arts. As to what they were and what they looked like is a matter of debate. Very little record exist when compared to China and Japan. Having said that, Korea has always been a melting pot of Chinese and Japanese culture in much the same way Okinawa is. In that regard many of the now extinct ancient Korean Martial Arts must have been a blend of Chinese and Japanese arts with Korean flavor.

The ancient kingdoms of Korea has always had need of martial arts due to China and Japan using Korea as their battleground for power an control. In those ancient times, the separate Korean states were always at war with one another for various reason.

China being allies to some and Japan being allies to others. One of the few surviving text on Korean martial arts is the Muye Dobo Tongji. A martial arts manual for one of the Korean Kingdoms influenced heavily by Chinese martial arts.

The manual was made for the military of that time. Covering many different weapons, unarmed method, and some equestarian skills. This book is often sited by many modern Korean martial art organizations and scholars.

As the Korea increasingly became one nation it in turn became more peaceful. But the biggest killer of Korean martial arts was Confucianism. It got to the point where archery was the only thing the Korean military was known for. Only three arts can truly be verified to have survived from ancient times to modern and they are:.


Korean martial arts

NightShadow Guest Bruce Thanks for your info. I spent quite a bit of time reading over some Korean history last week and history on various martial styles from Korea. You are rigth that the Korean Royal Court system was disbanded in the - time frame because of the occupation from Japan. Myong Duk Suh is the only person I have found reference to that continued to teach the Royal Court martial arts though past that time.


Kuk Sool Won of Almere & Lelystad

Happy Healty Successful Prosperous ! See all our etiquette corners for the year on the monthly calendars! Vanuit heel Europa kwamen meer dan achthonderd deelnemers naar het toernooi. Ook vanuit de Almere-Lelystad school namen achttien leerlingen deel, zowel volwassenen als kinderen. De school wist in totaal maar l



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Iron Crane - Kuk Sool? HapKiDo?

The initial comment made by Hyeongsa which I responded to with this video was Originally Posted by Hyeongsa wow Click to expand My resonse was I have watched the clip and can barely make out the "Hapkido" in reverse on the windows. The characters before that are visible only for a flash. The story of James Tille Now Dr.

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