Akigrel To print the manual completely, please, download it. Turn the coin clockwise to tighten the SIM card screw. Windows now takes a while to register the new modem. Warning If computers intended for use indoors are used in the field ggrx is a danger of elec- tric shock. Page The effects of condensation are to be effectively counter- acted by periodically drying out the RX Applicability The grayed paragraph below is only applicable for products of the GPS System without radio, digital cellular phone devices or Bluetooth.

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This manual contains important safety direct ions as well as instructions for setting up the product and operating it. Refer to "7 Sa fety Directions" for further infor mation. Read carefully through the User Manual before you switch on t he product Path Main Menu: Manage Data stands for this working sequence: From the Main Menu select Manag e Page Screens can have mor T hese are fixed keys and softkeys.

Index The index is at the end of the manual. Keys, fields and options on the screens whic h are considered as self-explanatory are not explained. Provides an overview of the product together with technical data and safety directions. Name of documentation Descrip The User Manual is available in printed form. Models Touch screen Radio mo d The type of holder to be used depends on the RX model. Type Description RadioHandle This is both an integrated radio modem with attached an tenna and instrument carry handle.

TCPS27 Leica external radio modem with attached antenna. Does not require to be aligned to the instrument for measure- ments to be made. The GHT39 can be reversed so that it is mounted on the left hand side of the pole. GHT43 tripod adapter This adapter The various types of software are ex plained in paragraph "Software type".

The software concept for the RX models is explained in paragraph "Softwar e concept". Software type Software t Leica RX - page 21 Description of the System RX 21 The system software enables a maximum of thr ee languages which can be stored at any one time - the English language and two other languages. The English language is the default language and cannot be deleted. One language is chosen as the active language. Application programs A suite of optional survey-spec ific The software can be uploaded onto a CompactFlash card in the RX 0 using the methods listed in the table below.

Refer to GPS Technic Connect SmartAntenna and RX via ca Description Data is stored within a job in a database on a memory device. This is a Compact- Flash card. Memory device Unplugging connecting cables or removing the CompactFlash card during the meas- urement may cause loss of Refer to the online help of LGO for information on creating form at files.

Other PC card drives may require an adaptor. One GEB battery fits into the antenna. Externally via cable to battery. Model Application Power supply Differences to other RX mode ls are outlined. Keys Key Function Function keys F1 - F6 Correspond to six softkeys that appear on the bottom of the screen when the screen is activated. Hot keys F7 - F12 User def USER Calls the user defined menu. Hold down for 2 s to open RX Main Configura Title Nam Message line Messages are shown for 10 s.

Icons Shows current status information of the instrument. Can be used with touch screen to access the subsequent screen. ESC Can be used with touch scre en. Same functionality as the ESC fixed key. The last operation will be undone. The workflow is the sa me for keyboar d and touch screen entry, the only difference lies in the way informatio n is selected and entered. Operation by keyboard Information is In case of a RX, Bluetooth is integrated. The remaining power in the battery is indicated by six levels.

For RX If an external power sup ply is connected and one internal battery is inserted, then the external power is used. All three setups are describe d in this chapter.

Using GHT 56 works accordingly. Remove holder from the travel container. For GLS11 pole: the plastic sleeve is to be fitted to the po le clamp. For GPS pole: the plasti c sleeve is not required. Insert pole into the clamp hole. Adjust the angle of the mounting plate and the height of the holder on the pole to comfort. Tighten th Before RX is placed onto the moun ting plate ensure that the locking pin is put into the unlocked position.

To unlock the locking pin, push down the red button situated on top of the mounting plate. Hold RX above the holder and lower the end into the holder. Apply slight pressure in a downw ard direction and then lower the top part of RX until the unit is clicked into the holder. The guides of the holder aid in this action. After RX is placed onto the mounti ng plate ensure that the locking p in is put into the locked position. To lock the locking pin, push up the red Step Description 1. Unlock the locking pin by pushing down the red button situate d on top of the mounting plate.

Place the palm over the top of RX until the fingers grip the bar of the hol Place the palm over the top of RX Lower the main hoo k onto the pivot knob in the middle of RX A click should be felt when the Take the other end of the handstrap and clip it to the base of RX Step Description Adjust the location of the adapter on the tripod leg so that there are no metallic objects in the horizontal plane around the antenna In those cases the r adio antenna is mounted on an antenna arm which is fixed t o the pole just below the SmartAntenna.

Connection is made be tween the radio housing and the radio antenna. Connect radio antenn a and radio h Push the slide fastener in the direction of the arrow with the open-lock symbol. Open the battery compartment. Pull the battery from the battery compar tment. A pictogram of the battery is d isplayed inside the battery compartment.

This is a visual aid to assist in placing the battery correctly. Place the battery into the battery compartment with the Leica logo facing to the left. Close the ba Open the battery compartment by pu shing the slide fastener in the direc- tion of the arrow with the open-lock symbol. Pull out the battery housing.

T he battery A polarity of the battery is display ed inside the bat tery housing. This is a visual aid to assist in pl acing the battery correct ly. Place the battery onto the battery hous ing, ensuring that the contacts ar e facing outward. Click the battery into position. Close the battery compartment by pus hing the slide fastene The battery power s a device in a clip-on-housing attached to the GHT Turn GHT56 over to gain access to the battery compartment.

Press simultaneo usly on the right side of the locking me


Leica GPS1200 Series User Manual



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