There seems to be a lot of confusion about Skew! I see that Sky have conveniently divided the UK into several skew zones 1,2,3 etc. In order to understand what skew is all about, I found it necessary to build up a mental picture as follows Try to imagine that you are looking due south at a rainbow spanning from east to west in a huge arc.

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For me it is easy because I can just stand on my garage and I have a little 6inch battery powered TV to use. This will help you to get the max signal out of any dish and help you with the skew as well. This way goes back to the analog days of setting up a dish when no receiver had a signal meter. But it does use one in the digital age. As in post 8 It was written to use a week transponder to aim your dish the reason is a week signal will very quickly degrade if you go the wrong way and improve if you go the right way.

Now every one knows that in a heavy rain storm you can lose the signal. So we will simulate a heavy rain storm first loosen off your lnb tightening screw if you plan to do skew as well ever so slitely so you can turn the lnb and move it back and forth but with a little resistance.

If you are just aiming the dish that is not required. Then by watching the quality meter as mentioned by MartinPickering in post 3 aim the dish so you get the best possible signal as explained in post 8. Now for skew, With the wet rag still in place and so wet that you almost lose the signal turn the lnb to the signal improves one way or the other.

It may work that you can turn the lnb quit far in that case use more water to further damping the signal. The best situation to have though is if you can turn the lnb to you lose the signal then turn the lnb in the other direction to you lose the signal again then go back half way then the lnb has the best possible skew. The method explained should even work on mini dishes, but I am not sure on how far you can turn an lnb on a mini dish from what Peter Rhea in post 11 said that mini dishes have a limited skew.

So you may just have to watch the meter close to you see the best possible signal. I forgot to mention do not stand in front of the dish when you do this the place is below the lnb so your hand or body does not block the signal.


SKEW-Winkel bei Satellitenanlagen



Skew (Satellit)




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