Take the battery out of the camera and let it charge completely. Camera Issues If the camera has other lights turning on and the lens still extends, then your screen is broken. Go to replacing your screen. Make sure you have a fully charged battery. Camera Error As the device is powered on, the screen may display an error message for a few seconds. Although this may appear as if the screen is broken, this is not the case.

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Lens Zoom A very nice 10x optical zoom lens with good performance. Good digital zoom performance as well, with better than average detail. The 28mm wide-angle limit also takes in more of the scene than most digicam zooms do. Though there was a fair amount of blurring in the corners of the frame at full wide angle, results here are still quite good, with good detail and low coma distortion.

At full telephoto, results were also very good, though again, some blurring in the corners was noticeable. There was also some visible chromatic aberration, particularly noticeable in the white house trim. Very nice results overall. Macro A small macro area with good detail and high resolution. Closest focusing distance is too close for the flash. Detail and resolution were both good at the center of the frame, though some softening was visible in the corners of the frame. Most cameras have some softening in the corners in macro mode.

Distortion Much lower than average barrel distortion, and fairly low pincushion. Barrel distortion at 28mm is 0. Chromatic aberration Moderate levels at both wide angle and telephoto, though slightly bright pixels at each setting. Wide: Moderate but bright,.


LUMIX DMC-TZ5 スペック・仕様・特長

A resolution bump and a larger screen keep key specs on the cutting edge for the new Lumix, but will these generally light overhauls on a fairly staid basic platform be enough to impress consumers this time around? Designed as a feature-rich, all-in-one shooting solution for slightly advanced photographers, the TZ5 is nonetheless a fully auto exposure camera. As with several other Panasonic point-and-shoots, the TZ5 has five basic shooting modes: Intelligent Auto: Permits user to select stabilization mode, burst shooting, image size and LCD mode. Normal Picture: Permits user to select stabilization mode, burst shooting, auto focus mode, white balance, ISO, intelligent exposure, image size and LCD mode.


Panasonic Home

At first glance, the TZ5 seems like a bit of an anachronism. In a camera market dominated by ever smaller and more complex ultra-compacts, the TZ5 is quite large and heavy, measuring However that weight and bulk translates into robust build quality and excellent handling, both useful features on a camera advertised as the ideal travelling accessory. The body is made from stainless steel and aluminium, and has a comfortable handgrip with a textured plastic pad on the front, and a large secure thumbgrip on the back. The TZ5 is really a pretty simple camera, designed to be quick and easy to use. It has no manual exposure options, and only three main shooting modes with a correspondingly simple control layout. Main mode selection is via the control dial on the top plate, offering a normal program auto mode, two scene mode settings so you can quickly switch between different shooting conditions, and the Intelligent Auto mode in which the camera automatically selects the appropriate scene mode, ISO setting and exposure mode.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 Review

The lens offers a mm zoom range, offering a true wide-angle option. Panasonic has made some subtle alterations to the body and interface dials to make it simpler and easier to use. The Panasonic TZ3 crammed 10 settings onto the main mode selector dial; the TZ5 removes four of these settings to the operation menu, and adds a dedicated image playback switch near where your right thumb will rest on the back of the camera body. The addition of a new Component connection port allows you to view your Hi-Def masterpieces on your Hi-Def television. Standard movie mode recording is still available. User Report by Andrew Alexander Look and feel. The high-res 3.

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