He wants to work with animals, and would like to get a job on a farm. But it is because of Nelson that Matty finds a new life. Oxford Bookworms have a worldwide reputation for providing learners with a great reading experience, with a wide range of classic and modern fiction, non-fiction, and plays. Oxford Bookworms are now available in beautiful new editions designed to make choosing and reading Bookworms even more enjoyable. An extended range of activities and teaching support in each title.

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Doolin, Nelson, Willie, Joe, Mr. Walsh, Jessica level 2, page 41 Summary : Matty Doolin was fifteen years old, he was leaving his school and try to get job. He really loved animals, so he wanted to work at farm or somewhere relayted to aminals. However, his parents, Mr. One day, he argued with his parents and he left home next day. When he came back home, very sad thing happend. His Nelson was killed by car! From next day, Matty had sad days. He looked very sad, like dead man.

There were lots of fun for Matty, not his friends. Walsh and her daughter, Jessica were really nice people. Than, what happened to Matty? Could he get job at farm? Was there dangerous thing? Personal response : I love this book! It was lovely. Matty was not good at talking, but he loved animals. And his dream came true at the end of this story. I love animals too, so I could enjoy his story very much.

These days, there are too many town things like modern buildings, shops, and such. I like them, but we need nature more than them. I think we should be in nature like Matty. It will help our life, because we aretoo busy!! I want to do this


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She was born illegitimate and into poverty with a mother who was, at times, an alcoholic and violent. From the age of thirteen, Catherine suffered from hereditary hemorrhage telangiectasia. She also believed, for many years, that she was abandoned as a baby and that her mother was actually her older sister. Catherine wrote her first short story, "The Wild Irish Girl," at the age of eleven and sent it to the South Shields Gazette, which sent it back in three days. She left school at the age of thirteen to work as a maid for the rich and powerful. It was then that she saw the great class barrier inside their society. From working in a laundry, she saved enough money to open an apartment hotel in Hastings.


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