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I think Arvind Arora new editions are best books to prepare for any subjects. The feature I liked most about them is that it now gives notes description-explanation on every topic before starting of MCQs. This makes it a very good option for students who do not have time to go through textbooks.

Also, notes given in these books are much better and effective to read when compared to Across. So I would recommend all students to read this book instead of classic Across.

I have not read this book yet but including it as an alternative option for students. This book is described in the above section. Pathology Pathology is subject with one of the most marks weightage in PG exams.

A very good book but Arvind Arora is better than it. I have read this book for my PG preparation and I liked it a lot. These subjects do not have any separate book and come in a combined book with different subjects according to the publication house. So I am giving a few books names, some of which have already been mentioned in the above list. Alternative to Arvind Arora book. But very good. I have not had a look at this book but looking at so many good recommendations I would advise students to check it out once to see if they find it better than other books of Ophthalmology.

Excellent book. As mentioned above, this book also has Paediatrics section. It is better than the above-mentioned book for Paediatrics. So it is necessary to get the latest edition of the book to keep our knowledge up to date. As mentioned above this book also has surgery section.

Internal Medicine The most important subject in all PG medical entrance exams. Preparing for this subject properly would enhance knowledge of student to answer questions from other subjects as well. It gives a short version of the theory, so it can be considered by students who are short on time and want to cover many subjects from a single source.

But still, I would recommend students to prefer subject wise books as they have much detailed description of all subjects and topics. D Agrawal This book includes all the subjects and gives the description in a point-wise manner.

So students should go through this book and Platinum Notes themselves to see which one suits their needs better. It has papers given at the start and then answers of the MCQs are discussed individually. It is a good book if you are specifically preparing for DNB but I would recommend reading subject-wise books which give part of theory as well instead of these kinds of books which are only MCQ oriented.

Topics are specialty and super-specialty, so they are meant for exams above those. Sections are of clinical medicine, endocrinology, hematology, infectious disease, oncology, respiratory system, rheumatology, cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, and neurology. Explanations are very small and not much useful. I always prefer books which have a theory given at the start with tables, diagrams and charts for better understanding and remembrance than the books which have only a small paragraph for each MCQs which does not even clarify the basics of the question and the correct answer.

Some MCQs were not very clear, descriptive or useful, had incomplete options or spelling mistakes and the descriptions given in it were just ordinary. This would only help students who are good at mugging up the MCQs and not for those who like to understand the topic. I think this book is not of much use and students can skip it. I am going to publish reviews of as many of these books as I could in the near future. If I have missed any important book please comment below.

You can recommend us the books which you want us to review as well.


Subject-Wise Books For PG Medical Entrance Exams Preparation



PGMEE Exam Preparartion Books


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