May God bless you and protect you and your family. Some of us have spent most of our lives researching and studying various religions and sects with the hope of finding answers to our questions. Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that originated in Judaism that reveals how the universe and life work. Have you received fulfillment in your life? If not, maybe you should take a close look into the Kabbalah.

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But such do not wander from pl ace to pl ace, offeri ng thei r art for sale, in order that they may accumul ate weal th, but they are sati sfied to remai n quietl y i n the pi l l ared pal ace of Sol omon, where they are constantl y employed i n gatheri ng di vi ne wi sdom, so that as they express i t , they may fi nal ly become worthy to recei ve the hi dden gi fts from above.

I mysel f know such a man, who obtai ned exalted wi sdom from the Kabal a, and who, notwithstandi ng his extreme poverty, never undertakes a kabal i st i c process for money. When I once asked hi m why he refused to wri te a desi red amulet for a noble lord, he offered hi m a l arge sum for hi s services, he answered me wi th an adage from the wel l-known Pi rke Awoth Extract or Fragment from the Father : "Dei tschtammasch Betaggo Chalof," that is to say, "whosoever accepts the crown for hi s reward, wi l l peri sh suddenly.

Not for al l the money in the world woul d I do such a thi ng. For my necessary support I do not feel any concern, for the Al mi ghty has methods to support me i f I trust in Hi m. Why, he even cares for the sparrow. Let this suffi ce for thi s one ki nd of men. But that Kabal ists l ive and sti l l l ive, who engage i n experi ments, and who performed wonderful works, and who wi l l yet do wonderf ul thi ngs, i s al so an undeni able fact, unless we are prepared to condemn al l that was ever said upon this subject by renowned men of wi sdom.

The celebrated and wel l-known Prussi an Hussar, Lord of Archenwood decl ares, in a descri pti on of London, that there l i ves a man in that city, whose name is Doctor Fal con, who is known to be a great Kabal i st, and who i s vi si ted and consul ted by the most honorable and i ntel l i gent people of Lon don. He states further, that thi s same Dr.

Fal con, l ived not very long si nce i n Brussel s under the name of J ude Chayl i m, Schmul Ful k, who accordi ng to the evi dence of the French Duke of Nancy, i n hi s publ ished memoi rs of kabal is tic processes, performed the most astoni shi ng feats. I confi dentl y hope and trust, and I can assert wi thout hesi tati on, that my l ittle book cannot have a tendency to foster supersti ti on.

Take i t for granted that one of my readers shoul d choose to empl oy one of the methods descri bed i n these pages in order to ad:ompl i sh a desi red object, his eager ness to satisfy curi osi ty wi l l soon di sappear when he takes i nto consideration the hard terms and strict moral i ty whi ch are requi red to avai l hi msel f to them in order to deri ve any benefi t or be successful in thei r use.

Before concl udi ng my preface, i t i s necessary to gi ve the reader some i nstruction concerni ng the arrangement of thi s vol ume. We fi nd in it, for i nstance, si ngle words, names, sentences, and i ndeed enti re experi ments, 4 pri nted i n the Hebrew and Chal dean l anguages.

Thi s fact shoul d not prevent any one from purchasi ng the book. Because al l the words pri nted i n Hebrew and Chal daie, which are i ntended to be i mpressed upon the mi nd, are al so pri nted i n E ngli sh i n pl ai n terms, and they have been careful l y transl ated.

So far as the Hebrew passages are concerned, the meani ng of each passage and experi ment fol l ows i mmedi ately i n Engl ish, or i t i s pl aced beneath the He brew expressi on. I have made thi s arrangement in compl i ance wi th a request from a number of promi nent persons, to make sure that the transl ation is genui ne and correct. The chapter and verses of Holy Scri pture, where al l passages quoted may bfJound, are al so correctl y recorded.

F O R EWO R D Extract from the preface of the Kabalistic Publisher I t is uni versal l y known and acknowledged, that we are named after the most hol y name of the Ruler of the Worl d and that we recei ve the hol y decal ogue or the written law from hi m. I t i s further wel l known that i n addi ti on to the laws which he gave to Moses engraved upon stone, he al so gave to hi m certai n verbal l aws, by which, through hi s protracted stay upon the mountai n Si nai , where al l Doctri nes, expl anati ons of mysteries, hol y names of God and the angel s, and parti cul arl y how to appl y thi s knowledge to the best i nterest of man, were entrusted to hi m.

Al l these doctri nes whi ch God Jronounced good, but whi ch were not general l y made known, and whi ch i n the course of ti me were cal led the Kabal a, or Traditi ons, Moses communi cated, dur i ng hi s life, to J oshua, hi s successor.

J oshua handed them over to the el ders, the el ders gave them to the j udges, and from them to the men of the great synagogue, and these gave them unto the wise men, and so the Kabal a was handed down from one to the other-from mouth to mouth-to the present day: Therefore do we know that i n the Thora are many names of the Most High and his angel s, besi des deep mysteries, whi ch may be appl ied to the wel fare of man, but which, on account of the perverseness of human ity and to guard agai nst their abuse, have been hidden from the great mass of human bei ngs.

Everythi ng that I have here stated i s as clear as the sun and needs no further proof. Therefore has God endowed the best i nterests of the soul and the body of her with exal ted talents, powers and vrrtues that, wi th a rati onal use of her, man may protect hi msel f from danger when no other hel p is at hand and save hi msel f s i mpl y by utteri ng the words of the Li vi ng God.

On thi s account, the expres si on, "For i t is thy l i fe," occurs frequentl y in the Thora. And Sol omon says i n hi s Proverbs, vi "When thou goest it shal l lead thee, and when thou sleepest it shal l keep thee. Our wi se men decl are, "He who wi l l dai ly l ive cl oser to God, who deserves to uni te hi s soul wi th Hi m, and who is wi l l i ng to l ive i n the cl osest communi cati on with hi m, shoul d often pray the Psal ms, with fervor and devoti on.

Happy i s the man who does thi s dai ly and hourly, for hi s reward wi l l be great. We can, therefore, i mpl i citl y trust i n the doctrines of the enl i ghtened Kabalists, when they assert that the Al mighty accorded equal tal ents and powers to the Psal ms as he di d to the Thora, and that i n them many names of the Most High Majesty of God and hi s angel s, besi des, many mysteries, are hidden.

Yet, dear reader, you must not doubt. Through a pi ous l ife and by a rati onal use of the Psal ms you may obtai n the grace of God, the favor of pri nces and magi strates and the l ove of your fel l ow-men.

You wi l l be enabl ed to promote your own welfare. That thi s i s aft true, the contents of the prayer, wi th whi ch we end each Psal m, and whi ch we are i n duty bound to pray, wi l l ampl y demonstrate. But the correctness of i t i s al so establ ished by the teachi ngs of the Tal mud and of the ol d wi se men, who assure us, that many of our famous forefathers avai led themselves of apparentl y supernatural means from ti me to ti me, to protect thei r best i nterests.

The truth of thi s I can establ i sh by the most trustworthy wi tnesses; yea, coul d even menti on some great men, who by a proper use of the Psal ms, performed great works. Such examples are rare. As for example, to cast out evi l spi rits; to rel ieve deep mel ancholy and to cure grievous di sease; to set free pri soners who have been i mpri soned; to arrest and res i st enemies, opponents, murderers and hi ghway robbers: to quench the fiercest fi res; to resi st fl oods of water, to defend i nnocence and to reveal i t; and to foster good fortune, wel l-bei ng and peace in a general manner.

Read the treati se on thi s subject, of the excellent Rabbi Sc. You wi l l f i nd more or less si mi l ar references i n the treati se of Sabbath i n the Tal mud, as well as i n the Responsoni bus, by Zemach, son of Si moni s, i n whi ch the Ni nety-second Psal m, with certai n prescri ptions added, are hi ghl y recommended as a certai n Jl eans to avoid sufferi ng and danger, even i n case of war, fi re and si mi l ar i nstances, enabl i ng us to escape unharmed, free, secure and wi thout hi ndrance.

Under such happy ci rcumstances, i t i s surely ri ght and proper, that such wholesome knowledge, whi ch up to thi s day was known but to a few men, and then onl y the learned, was yet free to al l , but found onl y i n the l i braries and cabi nets of the great, although not general ly known, shoul d at least, i n some degree, be brought to l ight.

Si nce, however, I cannot gai n my object i n any other way than gi vi ng these pages to the worl d i n a pri nted form, and si nce they wi l l unavoidabl y 6 fal l i nto unclean hands, I feel mysel f constrai ned, in order to prevent an unworthy use of them, to extend thi s preface, whi ch mi ght otherwi se, very properl y have ended here, i n l ayi ng down a few rul es and l i mits. Do not, however, be di scouraged for I am real ly endeavoring to promote your best i nterests and shiel d you from harm.

I f you are wi l l i ng to avai l yoursel f of the means i ndi cated, I want you to attempt i t in a case of extreme necessi ty, and when there i s no other hel p at hand. If thi s be so, i n experi menti ng, pl ace your trust i n the goodness and power of the Most High and ever blessed God, upon whom you may perhaps have hi therto cal led under an unknown hol y name. The ordai ned Psal m, for thi s or the other undertaki ng, besi des the appropriate prayer, you must pray wi th a broken, contrite heart to God, and i n addition to thi s keep i n mi nd the added hol y name wi th i ts letters, whi ch are gi ven the wi se Kabal ists.

At the same ti me you must have your undertak ing conti nual ly before your eyes. I must say to you, i f you wish to console yoursel f with this hel p, that you must l ive in such a manner that no crime or wi l lf ul s i n can trouble your conscience, for it is wel l known, that the prayer of the ungodl y is not accept able to God.

And herewi th I commi t you to the protection of the Most Hi gh. He can pray, read and wri te everythi ng i n hi s mother tongue; onl y the holy name of God and the angel s that may occur i n the experi ment, must, under al l ci rcum stances, be written and retai ned in the mi nd i n the Hebrew tongue for they must in no case be uttered , because, on the contrary, a wrong di rection mi ght otherwise easi ly be given to the experi ment, and consequentl y i t woul d lose al l its hol i ness, work and effi ciency.

I n order, however, that the reader may read al l si mi l ar occurri ng names and words i n hi s mi nd and retai n them, I have wri tten al l the Hebrew words wi th Engl i sh letters together wi th thei r meani ng. The holy name is cal led Eel Chad, whi ch si gni fies, great, strong, onl y God, and i s taken from the four foll owi ng words: Aschre, verse 1; Lo, verse 4; J atzl i ach, verse 3;1Vederech, verse 6. Sel ah! The words, the letters of whi ch consti tute thi s hol y name, are taken from Rageschu, verse 1; Nosseu, verse 2; and J oses, verse 9.

The prayer i s as fol l ows: "Let it be, Oh, Schadei! Al mi ghty God! Thy holy wi l l , that the ragi ng of the storm and the roari ng of the waves may cease, and that the proud bi l lows may be the pl ace of our desti nati on in safety and in good ti me sti l led. Lead us, Oh, al l merci ful Father, to heal th, for only wi th Thee is power and mi ght.

Thou al one canst hel p, thus Thou wi l t surel y hel p to the honor and gl ory of Thy name. Thi s Psal m i s al so an effectual remedy agai nst a ragi ng headache. The di recti on is as fol lows: Wri te the fi rst ei ght verses of thi s Psal m together wi th the hol y name and appropri ate prayer, upon pure parchment, and hang i t upon the neck of the patient; then pray over hi m the Psal m wi th the prayer arranged for it.

Do thi s in humble devoti on, and the sufferer wi l l be rel ieved. Thi s wi l l afford i mmedi ate rel ief. The hol y name i s, Adon Lord , and is found in the words, Weatta, verse 3; Baadi , verse 3; Heki zoti , verse 5; and Haschei ni, verse 7. The prayer is as fol lows: Adon Lord of the worl d may it pl ease thee to be my physi ci an and hel per. Heal me and rel ieve me from my severe headache and backache, because I can fi nd hel p onl y wi th Thee, ana onl y wi th Thee i s counsel and acti on to be found.

Proceed i n person to extricate your contempl ated undertaki ng, and al l thi ngs wi l l resul t to your entire sa t i sfacti on.

The holy name i s cal l ed: J i heje, He i s and wi l l be , and i s composed of the four letters of the words. Teppi l l anti , verse 2; Sel ahfi , verse 5; Jehovah, verse 5; and Toschiweni , verse 9; the prayer i s as fol l ows: May i t pl ease Thee, oh J i heje, to prosper my ways, steps, and doi ngs.

Grant that my desi re may be amply ful fi l led, and l et my wi shes be sati sfi ed even thi s day, for the sake of Thy great, mi ghty and prai seworthy name. I f you wi sh to accompl i sh an undertak-g by or through another, pro ceed in al l thi ngs as al ready stated above, wi th thi s excepti on: you must change the prayer as fol lows: let me fi nd grace, favor and mercy i n the eyes of N.

Agai n, i f you have a cause to bri ng before hi gh magi strates or pri nces, you must pray thi s Psal m and the cl osi ng prayer arranged for it, seven ti mes in successi on before the ri si ng of the sun. Do thi s three ti mes over pure ol ive oil, whi l e at the same ti me you thi nk unceasi ngl y, upon the holy name of Chananj ah merci ful God , anoi nt your face, hands and feet with the oi l and say: Be merci ful unto me, for the sake of Thy great, adorabl e and holy name. Chananj ah, turn the heart of my pri nce to me, and grant that he may regard me wi th grace.

Sti l l another pecul i ari ty of thi s Psal m i s, when you fi nd notwithstandi ng the utmost i ndustry and case, your busi ness does not prosper, and you have reason to fear that an evi l star, spi ri t or desti ny i s opposi ng you, then pr ay thi s Psal m dai ly, even to the l ast verse wi th great devoutness, and you wi l l soon fi nd yoursel f in more favourabl e circumstances.

Read t he Psal m for three days successi vel y, and pray the prescri bed prayer seven t imes sl owl y i n a l ow tone, and wi th devot ion, and wi th thi s keep cont i nual ly i n your mi nd t he hol y name of J aschaj ah whi ch means hel p i s wi th t he Lord ; bel i eve wit hout a doubt t h at t he Lord can and wi l l hel p you.

The prayer i s as fol l ows: J ehovah, my Father, may it pl ease Thee, for t he sake of t he great, mi ghty, hol y and adorabl e name, J eschaj ah Baal Hatschna, t hat is, Hel p is with t he Lord for he is t he Lord of hel p, he can hel p , whi ch name i s con tai ned in t hi s Psal m, heal me from my di seases, i nfi rmit ies, and from pai n of my eyes, for t hi ne is t he power and t he hel p, and t hou al one art mi ghty enough to hel p; of thi s I am certai n, and t herefore I t rust in t hee.

Hear me for t he sake of t hy great and most hol y name, for t hi ne is the power and t he hel p. The fi ve letters of t hi s hol y name contai n, accordi ng to t he prayer t he words; J ehovah al , verse 2; Schuba, verse 6; Oschescha, verse 8; Bewoshn and Vej i bbahal n, verse 1 1. The prayer i s as fol l ows: Oh, Eel Sl i j on! Eel E l i j on, mi ne enemy, N.

I f you have a case to deci de before t he court, and you have reasons to fear an unfavorabl e or part i al verdi ct, t hen pray thi s Psal m sl owl y before you appear in t he presence of t he J udge, t hi nki ng at t he same t i me of Eel E l i jon and of t he ri ghteousness of your cause, and as you approach t he j udge pray as fol l ows: Oh, Eel E l i j on!

Give unto my words power and strength and l et me f i nd favor. Pronounce at each ti me t he appropri ate prayer over a smal l quant ity of ol ive oi l , and anoi nt t he face as wel l as the hands and feet. The letters, composi ng t he hol y name are found i n the words: Addi r, verse 2; J areach, verse 4; Adam, verse 3, Mel ohi m, verse 6; Tani schi l enu, verse 7.

The prayer reads as fol l ows: May it pl ease t hee, Oh, Rechmi al Eel , to grant that may obtai n love, grace and favour i n t he eyes of men acc rdi ng to t hy hol y wi l l. Thi s Psal m shoul d al so be prayed agai nst the power and mal i gnity of enemi es. Afterwards repeat the prayer wit h reverence, and t hi nk at t he same t i me of t he hol y name of E heje Ai schu E heje, t hat i s, I am he t hat wi l l be, and utter t he fol l owi ng prayer: Al l merci ful Fat her!

Make hi m whol e i n soul , body and mi nd, and release hi m duri ng hi s l ife from al l pl agues, i nj ury and danger, and be t hou his hel per. I n the second case repeat t hi s Psal m and pray devout ly: May i t be agree abl e to t hy wi l l for thy sake of t he most hol y name E heje Ai sher E heje, to rel ease me from t he power of my enemi es and opposers, and to protect me from thei r persecut i ons, as t hou once di dst protect t he Psal mi st from t he enemi es who pursued hi m.

The letters of thi s hol y name are i n t he words: Ode, 2; Haojeff, verse 7 and verse 1 6; and in al phabet i cal order i n t he At Basch. The holy name i s in t he words: Ofel, verse 2; Paal , verse 3; and Adam. The cl osi ng prayer may be as fol lows: Adorabl e, mi ghty and hol y God Pel e: wit h t hee i s advi ce, act i on and power, and onl y t hou canst work wonders.

Turn away from me al l t hat i s evi l , aUprotect me from t he persecut i on of evi l men, for t he sake of t he Great name Pele. Amen -Sel ah. The prayer i s as fol lows: Al mighty Father, my God Ai neel! Amen -Sel ah! The prayer i s as fol l ows: Protect me accordi ng to t hy good wi l l and pl easure from vi ol ent, sudden and unnatural death, and from al l ot her evi l accidents and severe bodi ly affl ict i ons, for t hou art my hel p and my God, and t hi ne i s t he power and t he gl ory.


The secrets hidden inside the book of Psalms.

For centuries the Church has kept hidden the process of using the Psalms for magical purposes. Even though religions of the Book often practiced "magic," such as the ringing of church bells to avert storms, the rest of the population could suffer dire consequences if caught using magical spells, especially spells involving the use of the Bible. However, learned men and women discovered how to work the formulas and spells of Psalm magic from forgotten books of Jewish wisdom that are hidden behind the written words of the Psalms. It is thought that the Angels of the Lord were commanded to teach the secret, mystical knowledge contained within the Psalms.


Godfrey Selig - Secrets of the Psalms



Secrets of the Psalms


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