Partly this was because it was oversold, rather like The Hunger Games was for me, and while both of those were good I never felt like they deserved the hype. This book has me wondering if I should go back and detract a star from A Curse Dark as Gold to properly illustrate how much Bunce has grown. How many times have I read about pantheons that are basically Greek with different names? This is not that at all.

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Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books Publication Date: October Hardcover: pages Digger thrives as a spy and sneak-thief among the feuding religious factions of Gerse, dodging the Greenmen who have banned all magic. But when a routine job goes horribly wrong and her partner and lover Tegen is killed, she has to get out of the city, fast, and hides herself in a merry group of nobles to do so.

As the book was one of my top 10 reads of , StarCrossed was a long time coming! Review: Digger is a master forger and sneak thief, and she never gets caught. Though wary of this seemingly fortunate turn of events, Digger invents a persona for herself rooted somewhat on truth, and she tells the two young men and women on the boat that her name is Celyn Contrare and that she has just escaped the convent, where her indifferent brother sold her after the death of their merchant parents.

And, when the spiteful and cruel Lord Daul catches Digger trying to steal, he uses her skills to his own ends. Daul blackmails Digger as his spy on the Nemaire family and presses her to steal and uncover their secrets — and the deeper she gets into the lives of the snowed-in nobles, the more confusing and frightening the revelations. There is something very familiar about StarCrossed. From the uncatchable nimble-witted thief to the traditionalist fantasy environment, StarCrossed seems…tired.

At first, the book is hard to get into precisely because these tropes are so very familiar — and given how imaginative Ms. That said, for a book operating on such well-treaded territory, StarCrossed is still a highly enjoyable story once it gets going. In large part, the success of the book rests on Ms.

Also, I must say that I loved that there was no romance angle to the book — Digger does not fall for her gruff blackmailer thank goodness — and the more dominant theme is that of loyalty and friendship. On the character side of the equation, things are a little more simplistic.

Digger, while written with a compelling voice and likable enough in her honesty, is a bit bland. The commonplace thief with a secret, harboring a heart of gold underneath a tough exterior is nothing particularly new, and Ms.

Bunce unfortunately does not bring anything different to what is essentially a stock character — that is, not until the end of the book. Other characters, too, felt similarly two-dimensional and stock, from Lady Merista and her naivete but with, of course, untapped strength , to the jealous lesser noble, to the caged prince, to the evil blackmailer.

Once I was settled in the boat, Raffin pushed me a tray laden with the carcass of a peacock I think. Merista sat across from me as I ate, looking worried. She was obviously the reluctant party in this outing. Cousins, raised together? It was impossible to tell how important these two were. Durrel slid upward in his seat. He had a boyish face and a shock of mousy hair, untidily smashed by his soft cap. Up in the Third Circle?

He looked back evenly, an unreadable expression in his dark eyes. This was just as likely to be a trap as it was to be helpful, but for now it was all I had. Did you run away? I nodded faintly, glancing to shore. Where were the Greenmen? Who were you running away from? Arranged marriage?

Overbearing nurse? This should be amusing. I could almost let myself relax. You can read the full excerpt online HERE. If anyone is looking for the best incarnation of this type of book, I strongly urge you all to get Mara.





[PDF] StarCrossed Book by Elizabeth C. Bunce Free Download (362 pages)




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