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Driver install times vary by operating system and computer hardware. On machine with lower system memory, older processors, and slower hard drives it can take up to 15 — 20 minutes to install all the drivers needed. Once the drivers are installed the StrikeMax software will function without issue. My controller needs to do an Microsoft Controller Update. Can I update the controller with the Strike Pack attached?

No, you should always update the controller by having it directly attached to the console. My controller rumbles when plugging in the Strike Pack but does not come on?

This usually occurs after system updates or firmware updates. Simply unplug the cable from the console to the Strike Pack and plug it back it. The controller will now turn on and function as expected. This is a common misconception. In fact the Primary fire you have set up in MOD mode is still working, just out of sync.

What do I do? You will need to restart the game to reset this. It will not work with the XB1 Strike Pack series of products. If you have in fact an Original StrikePack unit identified on the box by CM and it is not detecting please contact support collectiveminds. Disconnect the Strike Pack from your XB1 controller.

Plug the controller in via USB. Controller should turn on. Run the update again. Simply unplug the cable from the console to the FPS Dominator and plug it back it. Why does my Primary Fire keep shutting off? Why does Jitter Fire stop working after a few minutes? As of update 1. Our Team is working hard to find an alternative exploit to bring Jitter back to life.

This exploit has long remained in the COD series, but there are no guarantees a Jitter Mod with the same effectiveness can be achieved. I updated my Xbox One controller with the Strike Pack attached and now it is not turning on? Wait to see if the drive is now detected within 10 seconds your drive name should come up or the format procedure if it is a new drive.

If nothing happens, remove and reattach it again. This may take up to 3 attempts. Once detected, there is no need to detach the Media Hub again. All operations will function normally and there should be no need to do this again.

Your hard drive in the Media Hub should be listed next to your internal hard drive, showing a music note icon. There is a power port on the Media Hub — does it require an AC adapter?

The power port on the Media Hub was put there to future proof the product. Currently there is no requirement for additional power to install a hard drive in the Media Hub. Does any Hard Drive work in the Media Hub? Any 2. Will a fast Hard Drive make my Xbox One console perform faster?

The Media Hub was designed with 12mm or less drives in mind, but the WD Green drive does in fact work. Of course a WD 12mm or less drive is recommended to fit correctly. Controller Update and the hard drive in the Media Hub is no longer detected. If you have access to a Windows PC, follow the below process to reset the hard drive. You should get a window popup like this: 4. Click Initialize Disk. Now right click the unallocated space and click create a New Simple Volume shown below: 7.

Follow the on screen wizard by clicking Next. Specify your volume size, default is fine, and now click Next.


PS4 Modded Controller Instructions

How long does it take to get my order? Each ModdedZone controller is hand-crafted according to your custom order. We hand-test and hand-package every controller, ensuring that each controller receives the love and care it deserves. We offer free flat rate shipping method that usually takes business days.


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PS4 Modded Controller Instructions


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