Everyone is secretly terrible or sad! The world is an awful place! Nobody is as normal as you think! Extra, extra! Everyone has secrets.

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Everyone is secretly terrible or sad! The world is an awful place! Nobody is as normal as you think! Extra, extra! Everyone has secrets. Even me. Especially me. But take a look around you if you are reading this on the bus, train, or even in the office.

Now, think about your partner, your best friend, your children or even the damn cat. You might think you know them inside out. That is why any of the PostSecret books will floor you with their brutal honesty.

The blog soon went era viral, meaning a lot of people looked at it and a lot of people wrote about it in old-fashioned newspapers and on their MySpace pages. That was then, now the blog has received over million visits, published six books and completed an international tour. The blog is still going strong today. The postcards in the background came from the Postsecret project Frank Warren himself is an interesting character.

He has made a point of not monetising the blog promoting it as the largest advert-free blog in the world and the books and tour tickets seem extremely fairly priced. He must be fairly resilliant, as despite In , I took a pilgrimage to London to see Frank speak about Postsecret and soon deduced that his lowkey, gentle and empathetic image he portrays is almost certainly genuine. But you can tell from his passion and humble attitude that he does this for love, not money, fame or fortune. But back to the book!

Postsecret: A Lifetime of Secrets was published in and tells the secrets of people from ages as young as six to pensioners. You can binge read it cover to cover in a couple of hours. The amount of text not being huge, but you find yourself getting drawn in to certain secrets or trying to get more clues of identity from the way they have presented it. Some choose traditional postcards with seaside pictures on. Some are photographs, partial photographs, destroyed photographs.

There are terrible doodles and beautiful illustrations and watercolours, oils, newspaper cuttings, marker pens and glitter glue. Frank has even had secrets sent to him on shoes, bananas and other physical objects. Often, the method of presentation is more intriguing than the secret as it gives you more of a clue about why they are sharing it.

This book is also peppered with emails Frank has received. However, many PostSecret fans will also hide their secrets on scraps of paper in the physical books. The thing is, I have never found PostSecret depressing. But I also think that our secrets are integral to us. They shape us and change us and teach us, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. We carry them with us and think about them as we lie in bed, unblessed by the slumber fairies, wondering if anyone will ever know about them, or if we will take them to our graves.

Secrets are the only things you can really take with you when you leave this mortal world. The feeling of your secret being insignificant can actually be a little damaging, so be prepared for that.

But many people in the Postsecret community speak of the freedom from guilt it gives them, like posting their secret lifts some sort of weight. I did share a secret once, when I was a little girl and all it did was get me in trouble. When I was a teenager and Woolworths was still around those were the days… I used to have a little stealing problem.

I was a bloody great thief, lifting anything from sweets to lipsticks to a plushie hamster seriously. I was a great thief because I looked like a total nerd, imagine a young Deirdre Barlow with a bowl cut. In fact, I probably looked more like a little old lady than an actual child. To this day, I have no idea why I did this. Anyway, that night I cried in bed in the way only a child can cry in bed, loud and whaling and intending to be heard. Anyway, my mother was very VERY cross with me and the next day I had to write a confession letter to the National Trust gift shop and then my mother carefully packaged up the silver dogs and sent them back.

To this day, I never go into a National Trust gift shop. Sometimes I still think about the dogs, little physical symbols of my secret.

What if I had kept them? Carried them around with me? Tiny little weights in my pocket to pull out and look at and think on. Would you ever send in a secret? Share this:.


A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book

Jul 30, Tamara Lane rated it it was amazing Wow, what a powerful project! Kudos, Mr. I hope the contributors of this book found some healing in the divulging of their secrets. Shelves: art , reviewed , non-fiction , biography , readbooks-male-author-or-illust , z , zz-4star Ive read one other Post Secret book before this, PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives and I think I liked this one a bit better. The structure of the postcards going through the lifespan, from children to older adults, worked well.


[PDF] A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book Book (PostSecret) Free Download (288 pages)



A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book by Frank Warren - PDF free download eBook




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